Obligations of PSA Membership

Automatic Payment Service Agreement

We, the Public Service Association of NSW make the following commitment to you:

The PSA will debit/charge your membership fees as they fall due. However, if this day falls on a non-business day, they will be debited/charged on the next business day.

The PSA will only use this authority to debit/charge regular fees. If you miss a payment, it will be picked up in the following period i.e. two instalments will be taken out.

Resignation from the PSA must be notified according to the section “Manner of resignation from the PSA and CPSU NSW” at www.psa.asn.au/join. Should you resign your membership, the PSA undertakes to cease debiting your account upon the termination of the written notice period.

The PSA will notify any changes to your union fees inĀ “Red Tape”.

The PSA will act in accordance with our Privacy Statement, while noting that your financial institution may require such information to be provided in connection with a claim made on it relating to an alleged incorrect or wrongful debit.

The PSA will investigate and deal promptly with any queries, claims or complaints regarding debits/charges and provide a response within 21 days of receipt.

Your commitment to the PSA of NSW:

You will ensure that the account details provided to the PSA are identical to the account details held by your bank or financial institution.

You will ensure that you have sufficient funds or credit available in the nominated account on the due date for payment of your fees.

You will let us know in writing within 14 days if the nominated account is altered, transferred or closed.

You will be responsible to ensure that the amounts debited/charged to your nominated account for your PSA fees are correct.

If the charging arrangements are stopped by you or your nominated bank or financial institution, you will arrange a suitable alternative payment method with the PSA.

Resignation from the PSA/CPSU NSW will be notified by you as per the conditions in the section “Manner of resignation from the PSA and CPSU NSW “. Repayments will not be made for late notifications.

Manner of resignation from PSA and CPSU NSW

You may resign from membership when either you cease to work in an area covered by the Association or by giving fourteen (14) days’ notice in writing of your intention to resign to the General Secretary.

Resignation from the PSA will also be taken as resignation from the CPSU NSW (SPSF Group), subject to confirmation.

Resignation from the CPSU NSW (SPSF Group) can be by notice in writing of two weeks or more, such notice being delivered to the NSW Branch Secretary of the CPSU NSW (SPSF Group).

Please note that you are obliged to pay any dues owing to the PSA/CPSU NSW up to the date of effect of the resignation and that fees are not refundable on resignation from the PSA/CPSU NSW.



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