Apr 6, 2017

Ausgrid Restructure and bargaining

Ausgrid restructure and bargaining – April 2017 (PDF version)

Ausgrid restructure and bargaining – sign up now or we can’t help you

The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) together with the other unions attended a Peak Consultative Committee (PCC) meeting on 29 March 2017 with Ausgrid management.

Ausgrid took this opportunity to unveil their proposed new organisational structure. There were 300 full-time equivalent (FTE) job cuts that Ausgrid identified with 237 for discussion at the PCC and another 63 to be determined at a later stage.

The restructure is across all areas of work and include field services, customer service, contact centre, finance, asset management and operations, people & safety and legal & company secretary.

While we have this broad view of the figures, the specific individuals whose positions have been identified as “excess” have not yet been identified. Ausgrid have proposed a tight consultation schedule to which the unions will respond.

The bottom line is that you need to join your union now before you get tapped on the shoulder. The CPSU can only help you if you are a member when an industrial issue arises. Otherwise, it becomes a pre-existing issue and we cannot provide representation. It is therefore vital that you join your union now to make sure that you receive high quality advice and representation in any discussions with your employer including mix and match processes and redundancy. Depending on whether you want to go or stay at Ausgrid, it is important that you have access to an industrial expert to provide support, advice and representation and look out for your interests.

Concurrently with this process, bargaining meetings are underway with Ausgrid negotiating for the new enterprise agreement.

There could not be a more crucial time to be in a union. If you are a white collar worker (excluding professional engineers) sign up to the CPSU HERE.

If you are already a CPSU member, you would have by now received an email from your Industrial Officer with an update on bargaining and the restructure. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you need help, further information or if you have not received the email communication.

You can also display this bulletin in your workplace to let potential and eligible members know what’s happening and the importance of being in a union at a time like this.

Your CPSU contacts are:

Industrial Officer – Vera Babicheva

Organiser – Ian Braithwaite

Your Organiser, Ian Braithwaite, is conducting site visits and having discussions with employees who are members or a thinking of joining. If you have questions please contact the union officials above.



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