Jun 21, 2017

Berejiklian Madness as 500 Jobs Cut from TAFE

PSA media release

More than 500 jobs from TAFE will be cut in the middle of a skills shortage under the latest act of Berejiklian madness, the Public Service Association says.

Despite having a $4 billion plus surplus, the NSW Government has jeopardised the future of NSW by attacking the prospects of the very worker bees required to drive the economy.

In the budget papers under Industry Clusters, TAFE full-time equivalent (FTE) workers for 2016-2017 is listed at 10,470.

In the budget forecast for 2017 -2018, that number drops by 501 to just 9,969 FTE TAFE workers.

The cuts have hit both TAFE teaching and support staff.

PSA General Secretary Stewart Little said TAFE jobs underpin the future workforce of NSW.

“The Government is again attacking the capacity of TAFE to properly train our future workforce. This is an assault on generations to come and the NSW economy itself.”

“Who is going to build all these roads to nowhere?”

Also disappointing is the commitment to the safety of children at risk. Despite promising to increase child protection, the Government has failed to fill vacant Community Services case worker roles.

In the Western division alone, which covers the Riverina and Far West, only 56 positions are filled out of 101.  On the North Coast it’s even worse like in Coffs Harbour, where only two out of 11 Aboriginal case worker positions have been filled.

“This is a Government that makes grand promises but just does not hire people to fill the jobs” said Acting PSA Assistant General Secretary, Kris Cruden.

“We have approximately half of the Aboriginal Child Protection workers positions vacant and well over 100 case worker vacancies at any time. How are these people ever going to see children at risk if the government would rather squirrel away money for another edifice?”

The PSA also noted that a number of court and justice services will be cut making community access to justice and fairness that much more difficult.

The NSW Government promises to grow the Arts and Cultural infrastructure, but over the last three years, the NSW Museum and State Library has seen a third of staff cut.



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