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Just over halfway through its first term and the O’Farrell government has already announced that 15,000 jobs will cut from the NSW public service. It has never been willing or able to explain how these 15,000 job cuts will affect NSW communities. The truth is, they don’t know.

Across the public service, positions are being cut indiscriminately to meet the 15,000 target. The NSW Government appears to have no concept of the value of the expertise, knowledge and relationships that NSW is losing.

There is no coherent plan in place to account for where the cuts should come from or how they will deliver savings. There is no transparency around the impacts of cuts on service delivery.

Our politicians seem to think that if they don’t tell us where the jobs will be cut from, we won’t notice that we’ve lost them. They should think again.

Salaries Bulletin August 2013

State of NSW Job Cuts Bulletin August 2013

GSE Act Bulletin August 2013

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Support Education

The PSA has set up a new campaign website for the school members – its called “Our Jobs Support Education”.

Whether you are a parent, work in the educations system, or just take an interest in education you can join in this campaign. Share your story, sign up for news, and rate the Government’s education policy decisions.


Safe Handssafe hands

Don’t risk our children’s safety

Safe Hands is a campaign that represents the important work done by people in Community Services. This campaign aims to ensure child protection services in NSW remain a responsibility of the Government.

No Hunting in Our National Parks

Take action to stop recreational shooting in our national parks

No Hunting in National Parks Rally is supported by National Parks Association of NSW, Nature Conservation Council of NSW, Humane Society International, Total Environment Centre, WIRES, National Parks Australia Council, Public Service Association of NSW, Wildwalks, Blue Mountains Conservation Society, Central West Environment Council, Colong Foundation for Wilderness and STEP Inc.

Stop the Sell OffStop the Sell Off NSW

The campaign — spearheaded by the Electrical Trades Union, United Services Union,

Association of Professional Engineers, Scientists and Managers Australia and Public Service Association exists to fight a proposal by the O’Farrell Government to sell the state’s electricity poles and wires monopoly to pay for unfunded election commitments.




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