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Disability Services concerns on air – the next pink batts scandal?

May 24, 2017

PSA General Secretary, Stewart Little on Ray Hadley’s show today about serious concerns with transfer of disability services.

Australian Unity – Don’t take on unreasonable workloads

May 24, 2017

Australian Unity – Don’t take on unreasonable workloads – May 2017 (PDF version)

Do not work unreasonable additional hours and work strictly to your role description. The CPSU is urging all members to only undertake work that fits within their role description. This situation has developed due to members and delegates reporting excessive workloads and work stress across a number of branches.

If you continue to volunteer your time and work outside of your role description, work will continue to pile up and your health and wellbeing will be affected.

What does this mean for you?

We call on all CPSU members to read their role description and think carefully about new, different or unreasonable tasks which do not fit within your role. We encourage members to raise these with your supervisor and discuss how best to manage unreasonable workloads.

Click HERE to download information on work stress.

Get involved

Working within your role description is one way to help to ensure reasonable workloads, protection of your role and future job security.

Well done!

The CPSU congratulates all who work to actively address their excessive workload and urge all members to join them.

Petition to stop the transfer of specialist disability services to the private sector

May 23, 2017

Petition to stop the transfer of specialist disability services to the private sector – May 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA is again publicly calling on the Government to stop the risky privatisation of disability services. We need everyone across the mighty PSA to stand with our members in Ageing, Disability and Home Care.

This Government is continuing with its appalling privatisation agenda, that will give away the services that people with disability need most.  We call on the new Minister for Disability Services, Ray Williams, to halt the transfer of all public disability services to the private sector.

This time they can’t fob us off or use tricky parliamentary processes to bury debate on this issue. We’re strong, we’re united and we won’t stop fighting.

Sign now!

We call on all members to take a minute today to sign and share the petition so we can show the NSW Government we won’t allow it to sell-off our services without a fight.

Click HERE to sign the petition.

Keep up pressure the MPs

Help us get this issue front and centre by emailing your MP today and asking colleagues, family and friends to join you in fighting against disability privatisation.

Emailing your MP is simple, just click HERE and enter your postcode.

ADHC NDS submission + Ray Williams petition

May 18, 2017

ADHC NDS submission + Ray Williams petition – May 2017 (PDF version)

Too soon, too fast, too risky: stakeholders warn NSW over privatisation plans

As the Berejiklian Government barrels ahead with plans to privatise all government-operated disability services in NSW, disability peak bodies, parents and other organisations have added their voices to growing concerns that the federal agency, the NDIA, is unready and the private sector lacks capacity and expertise to deliver critical services.

Echoing concerns raised by the PSA, Australia’s peak body for non-government disability organisations, the National Disability Services (NDS), has urged state and federal governments to slow down and has highlighted several areas where they believe further work is require. These include:

Emergency response is inadequate

“Associated with emergency response is the need for a provider to be willing and able to step in (often this is a need for short-term accommodation). State and territory governments have processes to implement emergency responses but these will cease as the NDIS is implemented.

Arrangements for managing emergencies that will arise as the NDIS is implemented are currently poorly articulated and inadequate.”

NDIS funding is too low

The funding of the NDIS is under constant criticism in the media and yet the NSW Government is pushing ahead at an unseemly pace.

“Prices for one-to-one support are set too low. During negotiations with the NDIA during 2014, the Reasonable Cost Model (RCM) was developed to provide a transparent and evidence-based method to set realistic one-to-one support prices. Unfortunately, in mid-2014, the NDIA announced price increases which were lower than the prices generated by the RCM.”

Lack of Support for Carers

“The same report noted that support for carers in their own right had declined since the NDIS began, noting that many families and carers are unable to take adequate breaks from providing support and cannot access carer support in a consistent manner.”

Providers not ready for NDIS

“Without additional assistance, some providers will not make the transition to the NDIS, particularly small and medium-sized providers, those operating in thin markets, and those providing services to Indigenous people and people from culturally diverse backgrounds.”

Not enough quality safeguards for people with disability

“Enabling people with disability to live free from abuse, neglect and harm requires more than just effective regulation. Providers of disability supports must have appropriate knowledge, practices and organisational cultures to prevent and respond to abuse. The NDIS will change the profile of risk which organisations must manage, but it will not eliminate risk.”

Read the full submission HERE

Have your voice heard on this important issue…

The PSA continues to oppose the privatisation of disability services and is calling on Minister Williams to stop the transfer of public disability services to the private sector.

Please take a minute today to sign and share the petition so we can show the NSW Government we won’t allow them to sell-off our services without a fight.

Please sign this important petition HERE.

PSA/CPSU submission to the NDIS Costs Enquiry

The Association’s federal counterpart, the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU), in consultation with the PSA, has made a submission to the NDIS Costs Inquiry.

The submission draws attention to the flawed and risky privatisation in NSW:

It is clear the privatisation of ADHC diminishes the choice and the rights available to workers. Despite the rhetoric, privatisation is also meaning less choice for ADHC clients and their families/guardians.

Read the full submission HERE.

All members of the CPSU NSW are also members of the PSA. The PSA is the associated body that manages and resources the CPSU in NSW.

IMPORTANT PSA NOTICE – ADHC Parramatta attendance of PSA representatives

May 17, 2017

ADHC Parramatta attendance of PSA representatives – May 2017 (PDF version)

Details are as follows:

Thursday, 18 May 2017

12:00 noon-2:00pm

EON Café Conference Room,

130 George St, Parramatta

(across the road from district office)

PSA representatives will be in attendance to meet with staff individually or collectively. Your union will advise on what’s happening in the PSA and clarify or note any concerns or queries you may have relating to the privatisation of ADHC and, in particular, the imminent transfer of CST to The Benevolent Society (TBS).

Further enquiries can be directed to your Organiser, Marianne Ledic at

**Non-members can also join the PSA on the day. Membership forms will be available**

ADHC Update your details

May 9, 2017

ADHC update your details – May 2017 (PDF version)

Disability privatisation

Update your details, make the switch and protect your union membership today!

Have you moved house? Changed work location or job classification?

Are you still paying by payroll deduction?

Make sure you and your union are protected now, and into the future, with whatever organisation you are with.

It’s easy just log in, update your details and make the switch

You can update your details including how you pay through our online portal HERE.

You can download a switch form HERE and email it back to us at or contact our membership department direct on 1300 772 679.

Now more than ever it’s important to make sure you have updated your details with the PSA. These are difficult times for members in ADHC and we must protect and bolster union power now to ensure we keep our union strong so that members are supported now and into the future.

Having your union and its collective strength behind you when bargaining for conditions is the only way to make sure you get fair outcomes.




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