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ICARE Award balloting of staff

Jun 29, 2017

ICARE Award balloting of staff – June 2017 (PDF version)

Dear members,

You would be aware that the PSA and ICARE have entertained a process to create an ICARE-specific, state-based Award as a consequence of the assented NSW Insurance & Care Act 2015.

Since 2015, the PSA and ICARE agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding that provided a commitment to staff that conditions would not change until such time as a new instrument (the Award) was negotiated to take the place of the current state based Awards.

After numerous discussions and negotiations between ICARE and the PSA representatives and delegates committee, the PSA now has an in-principle agreement for the ICARE Award.

For a complete version of this proposed Award Click HERE.

As part of the democratic processes that exist within your union, PSA members have a vote whether to accept or decline the proposed agreement. It is important to note non-members have no say in the Award-acceptance processes.

The PSA endorses this agreement because:

  1. it enshrines your current conditions in a concise document;
  2. it provides for a line of sight to the Crown Employees (Public Sector – Conditions of Employment) Award and Crown Employees (Public Sector Salaries) Award, in that if changes are made to either of these Awards, there is provision for those changes to flow to the ICARE Award;
  3. it is consistent with the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the PSA in 2015, whereby the conditions of employment are not diminished by the creation of this Award.

The ballot is to take place via Survey Monkey and all responses are to remain confidential.

Click HERE to enter the survey.

The PSA encourages all members to take the two minutes to vote in this ballot.

ADHC Update – What goes with you from your personnel file

Jun 29, 2017

ADHC Update – What goes with you from your personnel file – June 2017 (PDF Version)

As the transfer date for many of you looms, it is important to know exactly what will and won’t transfer to your new employer with you.

Personnel file

  1. Letter of acceptance
  2. Completed health assessment and any supporting documentation
  3. Ergonomic and reasonable adjustments and associated equipment, such as special chairs
  4. Flexible work arrangements
  5. Current and approved private employment
  6. Conflict of interest
  7. Part-time and leave-without-pay arrangements
  8. Payroll deductions and leasing arrangements
  9. Flex sheets for CST staff (still to be confirmed however at least the last flex sheet will transfer as this will continue on as normal).

Professional conduct and ethical performance (PCEP) file

Will not transfer unless one of the following three thresholds have been met:

  1. Findings of serious misconduct
  2. Information by agreement of the employee
  3. Allegations of serious and sustained violence or threats of violence against clients in the past three years that were unsubstantiated (on advice from the Ombudsman).

Personal improvement plans

  1. Do not transfer across although local arrangements may continue.

The PSA encourages members concerned about items on this list to request to view their personnel file. It’s easy you just need to:

  1. Put in writing (email is sufficient) that you wish to access your personnel file
  2. Send your request to HR.

Remember, you are entitled to have a PSA delegate attend with you to support you while you view your file.

Have you made the switch?

It’s easy, download the switch form or log in and protect your membership today…

You can update your details including how you pay through our online portal here:  UPDATE AND CONNECT

You can download a SWITCH FORM and email it back to us at or contact our membership department direct on 1300 772 679.

Now more than ever it’s important to make sure you have updated your details with the PSA. These are difficult times for members in ADHC and we must protect and bolster union power now to ensure we keep our union strong so that members are supported now and into the future.

Having your union and its collective strength behind you when bargaining for conditions is the only way to make sure you get fair outcomes.


Office of Environment and Heritage member update

Jun 29, 2017

Office of Environment and Heritage member update – June 2017 (PDF version)

At the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) Joint Consultative Committee Meeting held on 14 June 2017, the PSA raised concerns with SAP payroll being rolled out prematurely. The PSA had been advised an OEH cluster of around 5000 staff were not ready for the migration of Aurion to SAP due to the complexity of information being transferred from Aurion.

The PSA wrote to OEH on 19 June raising further concerns regarding the SAP rollout, identifying a large number of issues including payments, terminations, new starters, superannuation, payroll transactions, leave balances, and payslip modules.

An urgent meeting was convened 20 June with the SAP Project Team Management, OEH Senior Management and the PSA, where the PSA advised OEH management that if issues with SAP continued after the transition the parties would be in dispute.

The PSA was given a commitment by SAP Program Management and OEH Senior Management that if the issues identified by the PSA were not completely ironed out the transition would be held back a month.

As the PSA suspected, OEH has confirmed that key aspects of the transition were not ready for the planned transition date of 3 July.

The PSA has now been advised the transition from Aurion to SAP will take effect on Friday 28 July 2017 in order to minimise disruption to staff. The above deferment of the transition is testament to the effectiveness of PSA representation through JCCs, and effective consultation from OEH management.

University of Technology Enterprise Bargaining update

Jun 28, 2017

University of Technology Enterprise Bargaining update – June 2017 (PDF version)

The CPSU negotiating team met with HR management and the NTEU on 20 June, 2017 for negotiation meeting number three.

Management presented two items for change: Sick Leave and Fixed Term Appointments and Conversion.

Management said managers/supervisors are having trouble with the wording and understanding clause 9 of the EBA regarding fixed term conversion and severance pay and have simplified it. As entitlements remain unchanged, the editing was not challenged.

The university wants to make changes to sick leave. They want: “for the fourth and subsequent sick leave absences in the year”, employees provide a medical certificate for every day absent on every occasion. The CPSU opposes this.

Both unions want a Joint Consultative Committee. Most NSW universities, state-owned corporations and the Public Service of NSW already have JCCs, as a forum for consultation. The UTS does not want one. It argued it already consults, but both unions argued it is haphazard at best and needs to be formalised into a JCC.

Further in the CPSU claims are:

  • Additional days for Domestic Violence Leave, bringing it up to 20 days.
  • Specific guidelines for Working from Home.
  • Adding an Allowance for Health and Safety Representatives in the workplace.
  • Clarifying “flexible work place”, which should be accessible to all employees.
  • Backfill positions when staff are absent for more than five working days.
  • Cab charge for employees working past 8pm.
  • There is a need of guidelines for broad banding.

The CPSU will finish discussion on our Log of Claims in the next meeting, scheduled for July 4, 2017.

National Parks 50th triumph – The Land

Jun 27, 2017

The recent 50th year celebrations of the National Parks and Wildlife Service have been featured in The Land.

View the article HERE.

Discount for all financial members

Jun 26, 2017

Discounts for all financial members – June 2017 (PDF version)

The CPSU (NSW) is pleased to announce we have signed up to Union Shopper, giving our members discounts on a wide variety of products.

Your union’s affiliation with Union Shopper means you can get discounts on items as diverse as everyday groceries through the many varied discounted gift cards, through to new cars.

The Union Shopper site even lets you enter the make of a product and will search for the best available price among its affiliated vendors with its new online service.

Union Shopper is yet another value-added service for your CPSU (NSW) membership, along with journey insurance, accident insurance and free legal advice for non-work-related matters.

Members will this week receive a welcome email from Union Shopper informing them how to access the huge number of available discounts.

For more information until then, go to or call 1300 368 117.



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