Dept. of Finance, Services & Innovation – Clean desk policy

Dec 12, 2016

Dept. of Finance, Services & Innovation – Clean desk policy – December 2016 (PDF version)


The NSW Government is attempting to squeeze more workers into less space with its “hot desk policy”. The PSA views this as an attempt to minimise rental expenses for government accommodation in buildings they have sold and are now renting off private interests.

This is, on the whole, being done without adequate consultation with staff and the PSA, without taking into account the types of work being undertaken. It is done without consultation about workers’ individual work, their safety needs or access to alternate work locations, including working from home.

We invite all PSA members who work at DFSI to take this three-minute survey on how DFSI’s clean desk policy will affect your work and workplace.

Complete the survey HERE.

The PSA is currently in dispute with the Department over its failure to recognise its obligation to consult with the PSA. We have argued in front of Commissioner Stanton that the DFSI must consult with the union on matters that may affect the health and safety of its workforce within the meaning of section 49(d) of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011.

We had a win with the Commissioner, recommending the Department must engage with the union to discuss outstanding WHS issues. That will occur of coming weeks.

To learn more about the campaign against hot or scorched desking join us for a huge end-of-year Christmas members’ meeting at McKell at 1pm Friday 16 December.

The PSA will provide lunch and other assorted snacks and drinks.

Please join us.

What the sale of the Land Titles Registry means

Dec 8, 2016

Esther Han, from the Sydney Morning Herald, nails the importance of the Land Titles Registry and why we should all be seriously concerned by its sale.

NSW Premier Mike Baird points to Canada to justify land titles registry sell-off – The Sydney Morning Herald

Dec 8, 2016

Pressure from the PSA and its serious concerns about the privatisation of the Land Titles Registry has forced Mike Baird to try and justify the sell off.

His arguments were anything but convincing.

Read the full Sydney Morning Herald article HERE.

Department of Finance, Services & Innovation member update

Dec 8, 2016

Department of Finance Services and Innovation member update – December 2016 (PDF version)

The Department of Finance, Services Departmental Committee (DC) met on 24 November 2016. The DC was attended by delegates from areas across the recently restructured Department of Finance, Services & Innovation (DFSI).

Given the significant changes within the Department over the past year, your delegates noted the need for many members to update their workplace details with the PSA to reflect the new structure of DFSI being:

  • Customer Services
  • ICT & Digital Innovation
  • Regulation
  • Property and Advisory
  • Revenue
  • Government and Corporate Services.

Your PSA DFSI delegates would like to contact members in their areas, facilitate building relationships at the worksite and work to establish workplace groups where multiple agencies exist in one building. To this end it is imperative members make sure their PSA membership details are correct.

Please go to the PSA website and check your details are correct, or let us know if you have changed agency, moved work site, changed contact numbers, changed email addresses or even moved house.

Access the PSA website HERE.

This should not take more than a few minutes online. Thanks for assisting your delegates to work for yourself and other PSA members in DFSI.

Baird government has no industry support for privatisation of land titles registry – The Sydney Morning Herald

Dec 1, 2016

The PSA demands the LPI sale be referred to the Independent Commission Against Corruption in the Sydney Morning Herald. The story includes a photo of rallying LPI members.

Read the full Sydney Morning Herald article HERE.

NSW Parliament Electorate Officers PSA meeting

Nov 17, 2016

NSW Parliament Electorate Officers PSA meeting – November 2016 (PDF version)

More than 20 NSW Parliament, Electorate Officers and other parliamentary staff, including ministerial staff, met with the PSA on 8 November 2016 to discuss and look at a range of issues impacting on them.

From this meeting, the PSA will set up the Parliament Members’ Staff Vocational Advisory Group (VAG), to provide the necessary structure and start addressing the large number of issues raised.

While some issues, such as the Members of Parliament Staff Act 2013, will be a long-term objective, there are more immediate issues of concern which can start to be addressed through the current consultative mechanisms with the Department of Parliamentary Services.

Some of the initial areas for consideration by the VAG will be:

  • access to, and support for study programs
  • mobile phones
  • allowances
  • work health and safety issues.

The next step will be to elect delegates to the Advisory Group. We will be putting out a call for nominations shortly.

For any members who are at Parliament House on Wednesday 23 November, the Parliament House Workplace Group will be having its Annual General Meeting from 12.00 pm in the Macquarie Room. All members are welcome.


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