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Prison inmate remains on life support following alleged assault – The Sydney Morning Herald

Jun 26, 2017

A serious assault in the medium security John Morony Correctional Centre has highlighted the PSA’s concerns for the safety of staff and inmates if jobs are cut and the Centre becomes a maximum security facility.

Read the Sydney Morning Herald article HERE.

Young radicals have outgrown jail system – The Australian

Jun 22, 2017

The PSA again makes national headlines with its push for high security units in Juvenile Justice Centres to manage violent or radicalised young offenders.

Young radicals have outgrown jail system - The Australian - June 22 2017 small

POVB bulletin – John Morony update

Jun 21, 2017

POVB bulletin – John Morony update – June 2017 (PDF version)

As all members are aware, the POVB Executive, with the assistance of the John Morony delegates, has been in negotiations with CSNSW regarding keeping John Morony in public hands.

Last week the General Secretary, Stewart Little, and PSA Industrial Manager Justice, Evan Cole, met with Assistant Commissioner Kevin Corcoran and Gayle Robson. It was discussed at this meeting that the PSA would not be signing off on a third award – the deletion of the First Class rank. It was also discussed that the staffing profile of the John Morony Centre was deficient on weekends when there are no industries and all inmates are back in wings.

From that meeting it was agreed the POVB Executive and the John Morony delegates will look at a proposal to put to CSNSW.

We met on Monday, 19 June 2017 and took the proposal to the John Morony members on Tuesday, 20 June 2017.

Members may not be aware that a serious assault took place against an inmate on Monday afternoon at the John Morony Centre. At the Tuesday meeting, the lack of staff in the tender and the fact that the tender takes out the majority of experienced staff was of high concern to the members. Due to this, members requested more staff in the tender.

Attached HERE is the letter that was sent to CSNSW with the proposal and questions that members want answered. CSNSW has been told the whole POVB membership still needs to vote on the proposal and that what was put before them was from the John Morony Sub-Branch. We are waiting to see what the outcome of the proposal to CSNSW is. When we know more we will inform the membership.

It is reiterated that this tender is completely different to anything that is currently being implemented in any Centre. As you can see by the letter and reading through the lines, the tender consisted of:

  • Inmate population 447
  • Increase in inmate classification to A Classification with the capacity of taking EHS and NCIS inmates. (Currently a B Classification Centre)
  • Decrease in custodial staff from 100 to 84
  • Increase of overseers from 10 to 21 (no coverage over the weekend)
  • Deletion of the First Class rank (change in our Award conditions)
  • Meal breaks to be shared with inmates (change in our Awards conditions)
  • No mention of staff parade, VORs and the Safe Staffing Award.

The POVB Executive, John Morony delegates and members have serious safety concerns for the staff and inmates of this centre under this tender. Monday’s incident could well have been an officer and without the experience and knowledge that was working in the Centre on that day, it could have had a totally different outcome. If you have anything you want to discuss re this process and what you have read please contact one of the POVB Executive:

Nicole Jess – 0427 609 199

Jason Charlton – 0401 500 976

Natalie Howes – 0407 011 441

Thor Sutherland – 0447 633 476

Darren King – 0407 935 039

Teenage inmates recruit radicals – The Weekend Australian

Jun 19, 2017

PSA General Secretary, Stewart Little hits the front page of the Weekend Australian calling for a specialist facility within Juvenile Justice to handle radicalised and violent young people.

“Radicalisation is not restricted to adults in the NSW prison system,” he said.

Teenage inmates recruit radicals - The Weekend Australian 17-18 June 2017 small

POVB Bulletin John Morony update

Jun 15, 2017

POVB Bulletin John Morony update – 15 June 2017 (PDF Version)

Today, PSA General Secretary, Stewart Little and Industrial Manager Justice, Evan Cole met with CSNSW Assistant Commissioner Kevin Corcoran and Gayle Robson.

In this meeting, keeping John Morony in public hands was discussed.

It was made clear that PSA would not be agreeing to a third award for Correctional Officers.

It was also made clear that there are safety concerns regarding the weekend staffing when all inmates are not working and the overseers are not present.

On Monday, John Morony delegates will meet with POVB Industrial Advocate David McCauley, Vice Chairperson POVB Jason Charlton and myself.

At this meeting the above issues will be addressed and a letter with the concerns and how they could possibly be rectified will be sent to CSNSW.

David, Jason and I will then meet with John Morony members on Tuesday to discuss what is tabled to CSNSW.

Let me make it clear this process is not just about finding money to keep it in public hands, it is about safety and security of all staff that will work in the centre.

-Chairperson POVB Nicole Jess. 

Call for Nominations Crown Employees (Department of Corrective Services) Advisory Group

Jun 7, 2017

Call for Nominations Crown Employees (Department of Corrective Services) Advisory Group – June 2017 (PDF version)

Crown Employees (General Managers, Superintendents, Managers Security And Deputy Superintendents, Department Of Corrective Services) Advisory Group

Nominations are invited from the financial members of the above Group for the positions of:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Vice Secretary
  • Executive Committee members (2)

Nominations must be on the prescribed form (or facsimile of it).

Nomination Forms are available at:

  • PSA website and click on RESOURCES/Election Nomination Forms.
  • 5th floor Inquiry counter PSA House 160 Clarence, Street Sydney or from Regional Offices.

Each nomination must be seconded by two other persons who are from the same group as the nominee. Nominees, nominators and seconders must be financial members of the Association as at 1 June 2017.

Nominations must be addressed to:

The Deputy Returning Officer

Public Service Association of NSW

Nominations may be submitted:

  • by post:
    GPO Box 3365, Sydney NSW 2001
  • by fax:
    (02) 9262 1623
  • hand delivered:
    PSA Inquiry counter on Level 5, 160 Clarence Street, Sydney

so as to reach the PSA Head Office no later than 10am Friday, 30 June 2017

If there is a ballot, candidates who wish to have a profile sent with the ballot material should provide a brief statement of 300 words or less stating how they will best represent members’ interests. Space is provided for this purpose on the nomination form.

L. Liamin
Deputy Returning Officer



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