Parklea must be publicly run again: union – 7 News

Oct 17, 2017

Corrections Minister David Elliott on Monday said the existing contract for Parklea – held by GEO Group Australia – will expire in March 2019 and tenders are being accepted for the next seven-year contract.

Public Service Association general secretary Troy Wright says it’s time to return the jail to public hands.

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POVB Overseers bulletin

Oct 9, 2017

POVB Overseers bulletin – October 2017 (PDF version)


There are currently changes at MRRC with CSI and Industries. Dave McCauley and Jason Charlton met with Steve Thorpe two weeks ago and raised a motion that was passed at MRRC regarding a freeze on employing externally until the MRRC is presented with the benchmarking figures/plan.

They showed him a recruitment advertisement (trade – overseers metro & regional) that closed on Saturday, 30 September 2017 and explained that to place additional staff at Silverwater would cause much anxiety to our members. We also questioned the salary listed, as it looked to be incorrect.

Steve Thorpe made a guarantee no overseer will lose their job. However, he did state that there will be some major changes at Silverwater. He will come out to the MRRC and meet with staff in coming weeks and tell everyone of his plans and answer any questions.

The following was also discussed:

  • Textiles possibly being moved to Goulburn
  • Refurbishment of the laundry
  • Move maintenance to Textiles with staff numbers to increase for FM
  • A meal re-therm oven where maintenance currently is so meals can be reheated on site
  • A new clothes drying system in textiles
  • He is certain there will be more jobs.

The POVB Executive will continue to meet with Steve Thorpe on a regular basis.

Facility maintenance

PSA/POVB has raised with CSNSW the outsourcing of facility maintenance in some centres. We have written to Minister Elliott stating we are against the outsourcing of Facility Maintenance and in this letter we have given examples of how CSNSW/CSI can do the job better and cheaper.

When we have a response, we will put this out to members.

Conversion from overseer to Custodial

Previously CSNSW had a policy that was on the intranet in regards to overseers being able to convert to Custodial. It covered issues such as what rank they would be when converting.

This policy has been removed from the intranet. This was raised by an overseer delegate at Cessnock, which is currently going through a benchmarking process that affects overseers. Overseers at Cessnock who may have wanted to convert to Custodial did not get the correct information.

This issue was raised at the Consultative last Wednesday and CSNSW has informed PSA/POVB the new policy will be published on the intranet in the coming weeks. CSNSW has stated the reason the policy had to be changed is due to the GSE bill. Previously when overseers converted to Custodial it was at the expense of a considerable drop in salary and under the GSE bill this cannot happen now.

Once we are aware of the new policy on the intranet, it will be noted in a bulletin.


Last week Emu Plains and Dillwynia had their meetings regarding benchmarking.

For those centres, it means a reduction in Industries:

Emu Plains: – Loss of 1 SOS and 1 OS

Dillwynia: – Loss of 1 OS

We were informed at both centres these positions are currently vacant. It was noted at EPCC that there are few industries at that location. This impacts on the inmate’s purposeful day and CSNSW will be looking at this issue over the first phase of benchmarking, as this will affect staffing numbers.

Over the coming weeks, we have benchmarking meetings at:

Grafton CC: – 10 October 2017

Glen Innes: – 11 October 2017

MSPC: – 19 October 2017

Long Bay Hospital: – 25 October 2017

SPC: – 26 October 2017

Any changes to overseers will be noted in future bulletins.

To all Parklea PSA members and Custodial staff

Oct 3, 2017

Parklea members bulletin – Oct 2017 (PDF version)

You would have noticed the significant amount of media last week by the PSA in regards to the serious incident that took place on Wednesday at Parklea.

I wish to firstly send my thoughts to the officer involved and secondly, let you all know that the publicity was not intended to be in any way critical of the staff but the managers who are putting you at risk.

I want to let you know that the PSA, POVB and the Executive including myself are behind and support you all.

None of us does an easy job however, I am sure at times your situation is worse due to safety issues under which you are required to work.

GEO’s operation of Parklea Correctional Centre has been disgraceful almost since day one.  They have looked to cut costs to maximise profits at every opportunity, and most particularly through having fewer staff and paying them less.

It is only through these incidents being in the public eye that we can expose this corporate culture of risk taking at the expense of yourselves and the community at large.

Our fundamental position is that Parklea Correctional Centre should one day again be operated and controlled by the public sector.

This does not mean we are advocating for any of you to lose your jobs. Rather, should that day come, we would argue you can easily be absorbed by Corrective Services NSW in your current roles, which we would then ensure are safer, more satisfying and better paid.

Your PSA delegate and the POVB are increasing their communication and this can only assist us in securing better outcomes for all Correctional Officers.


Nicole Jess
Chairperson POVB

Mobile: 0427 609 199




Call to sack private prison operator after inmate with ‘shiv’ stabs warder – The Australian

Sep 29, 2017

Acting PSA General Secretary, Troy Wright has called for the termination of the GEO Group’s contract, the private operators of Parklea prison following yet another scandal.

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Call to sack private prison operator after inmate with 'shiv' stabs warder - The Australian 29 September 2017

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Sep 25, 2017

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