Govt ignoring child protection inquiry a disgrace – PSA

Sep 20, 2017

PSA Media release

The Public Service Association (PSA) has slammed the NSW Government for supporting only 12 of the 28 recommendations made by a Parliamentary Inquiry into Child Protection.

A key recommendation to extend the Auditor General’s powers to ensure accountability of all non-Government child protection organisations that receive state funding was among those ignored.

The union launched its “Safe hands” campaign during Child Protection Week to highlight the crisis which, among other horrors, sees up to 200 children housed by the Government in hotels and motels across the state each night due to a critical shortage of appropriate alternatives.

“The PSA has been sounding the alarm about a crisis in child protection and now the Government is ignoring the recommendations of a Parliamentary Inquiry which begs the question, who will this Government listen to on this critical social issue?” said Acting PSA General Secretary, Troy Wright.

“Unlike all public sector agencies, the Government clearly doesn’t want the Auditor General to regulate private providers who will continue to operate unchecked with millions of dollars of tax payer funds.

“Children are being removed from situations of risk every week across NSW and placed in completely unsuitable, insecure and potentially dangerous accommodation or are handed to private unregulated Out of Home Care providers.

“We have reports of supervision of these children being provided by private contractors at a cost of between $12,000 and $16,000 per week per child with no case management, no continuity of care and sometimes a different minder every shift.

“Yet incredibly, the Government has shied away from a recommendation to extend the Auditor General’s powers to ensure accountability in performamce of all non-Government child protection organisations that receive state funding”.

“The NSW Government is attempting to wipe its hands of responsibility for child protection and outsourcing its statutory duty of care for these children at the time when they need it most.

“We are witnessing a child protection system in crisis where children and families who urgently require support are either not receiving it, or, the nature of the intervention carries with it its own inherent risk of harm.

“Now the Government is not only ignoring these kids but is thumbing its nose at a Parliamentary Inquiry that was established to try and fix critical problems” said Troy Wright.

FACS – Corporate Services Transformation restructure

Sep 11, 2017

FACS – Corporate Services Transformation restructure – September 2017 (PDF version)

800 Jobs saved

Reversal of agenda to outsource FACS Corporate Services

The current Corporate Services Transformation Restructure proposal sees approximately 800 jobs that were earmarked for outsourcing remaining in FACS.

Prior to the announcement of the CST Restructure by the Department, PSA representatives met with Minister Goward on 2 August 2017 to discuss the then consideration of outsourcing of support functions traditionally carried out by Corporate Services Staff within FACS.

That meeting enabled the PSA to discuss with the Minister concerns in relation to outsourcing generally. Your union cited the example of the major problems that arose from the outsourcing of OneSap, which not only impacted FACS staff but also clients.

At the first CST consultation meeting with the PSA on 22 August 2017 the Deputy Secretary, Corporate Services advised, Minister Goward revisited the plan to outsource Corporate Services functions and directed FACS to “take it off the table” – for now at least.

The PSA applauds Minister Goward in making this decision. This means FACS can avoid the major problems that occurred in DFSI when it pursued outsourcing of Corporate Services functions within Service First.

The IT News article regarding this issues and can be read HERE.

As FACS later advised staff “whilst we restructure ourselves, we will not be pursuing external delivery options for entire functions of Corporate Services, as this would create an additional level of risk and complexity for the business” (CST Frequently Asked Questions, 7 September 2017).

As a direct result of this decision, approximately 800 jobs that were earmarked for outsourcing will remain in FACS. This is a huge win for PSA delegates and members as FACS finalises its Restructure Management Plan this week, 11 September 2017.

The PSA following the 22 August 2017 briefing held meetings of members at Liverpool on 30 August and Ashfield on 5 September to hear members’ concerns regarding the proposed CST Draft Structural Designs and Restructure Management Plan.

Member concerns and questions raised directly through meeting delegates and PSA officers, and those questions forwarded to the PSA Member Support Centre have been collated and provided to FACS at the recent consultative meeting on 8 September 2017. FACS has given an undertaking to publish answers to these issues within the Frequently Asked Questions materials available on the FACS intranet.

FACS has agreed to come back with requested information in relation to the main issues raised by the PSA on 8 September 2017 which can be viewed HERE.

The PSA will respond to the FACS Draft Restructure Management Plan with its concerns and request for further details by the end of the week beginning 11 September 2017.

Members with specific issues not addressed through the FACS Q&A or briefings should forward details to

The Department has agreed to ongoing regular consultative meetings and the PSA will provided ongoing bulletins to update members on the CST process.

Obviously the Mobility Pathway is of ongoing concern to PSA delegates and members which is subject to ongoing discussion between the PSA, DPC and Industrial Relations and will be reported concurrently to the FACS CST Restructure.

The PSA will continue to monitor member feedback about the restructure and will consult FACS about your concerns.

The PSA will provide support and advice for any member negatively affected by the CST restructure.

Kids put in the same motels as crims – The Sunday Telegraph

Sep 4, 2017

“Children are being removed from situations of risk every week across NSW and placed in completely unsuitable, insecure and potentially dangerous accommodation,” PSA Assistant General Secretary, Troy Wright told the Sunday Telegraph as the PSA launches the Safe Hands campaign.

Kids put in same motels as crims - The Sunday Tele 3 September 2017 small

Invitation: Free PSA BBQ Today Coniston FACS Office

Sep 4, 2017

 Invitation Free PSA BBQ Today Coniston FACS Office – September 2017 (PDF version)

All FACS staff in Coniston are invited to a PSA Information Session and free BBQ.



Coniston FACS Office

7-11 Bridge St, Coniston

Celebrate your 2.5 per cent pay rise, fought for and won by your union, find out how the PSA is representing members’ interests and how to get more involved.

Bring a colleague and meet your union representatives.

Strong membership means a strong union!

FACS Ashfield meeting notice

Aug 29, 2017

FACS Ashfield meeting notice – August 2017 (PDF version)

In light of a number of changes occurring in the Corporate Services transformation restructure, the PSA will hold a meeting for affected members at Ashfield as follows:

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

1.00-2.30 pm

Ground floor, Room 0.2

4-6 Cavill Avenue

FACS building, Ashfield


  • Introduction to your PSA union representatives: Cora Sarmiento, Organiser, Siobhan Callinan, Senior Organiser, Greg Shaw, Industrial Officer and PSA delegates
  • Corporate Services restructure
  • Expression of interest for members to become more involved as a PSA delegate or contact for Corporate Services. Training courses available
  • General business.

Anything raised will be treated with strict confidentiality. All members are encouraged to attend to discuss these or any other matters of concern.

Non-members are also welcome to come and have a chat about the benefits of joining the PSA and membership forms will be available.

If unable to attend or would like to arrange another meeting date please contact us to arrange a visit to your workplace at

Join your colleagues and get involved in defending your rights and conditions – strong membership means a strong union!

FACS & Australian Unity PSA/CPSU meeting notice Mid North Coast

Aug 28, 2017

FACS and Australian Unity PSA CPSU meeting notice Mid North Coast – August 2017 (PDF version)

PSA/CPSU NSW Regional Organiser Asren Pugh and Senior Organiser (FACS Team) Siobhan Callinan will be attending FACS and Australian Unity worksites in Coffs Harbour, Kempsey and Port Macquarie from 28 August to 1 September.

They will be available to talk to members and non-members about workplace issues, privatisation and the importance of being union.

Make time to catch up with your union the PSA/CPSU NSW

  • Monday 28 August – Tuesday 29 August
    Coffs Harbour ADHC Office, Group Homes, Australian Unity and Housing
  • Wednesday 30 August
    Kempsey ADHC Office, Group Homes and Housing
  • Disability Staff Event – from 4pm @ Port Aloha Motel
    All staff welcome, especially those working for ADHC or The Benevolent Society.
  • Thursday 31 August – Friday 1 September
    Port Macquarie Australian Unity Office, Group Homes, CSC and Housing

Items for discussion

  • Benefits of PSA/CPSU NSW membership – bring a colleague with you so they can find out more about the PSA/CPSU NSW
  • ADHC privatisation: enterprise bargaining and the importance of being union post transfer
  • Housing privatisation: What we know and where to next
  • Community Services: workload, Inherent Requirements and privatisation.

All members will have the opportunity to raise any general business or workplace issues they wish to at PSA/CPSU NSW meetings. Anything raised will be treated with strict confidentiality.

Membership forms will be available for those wishing to sign up on the day and all staff are encouraged to join the PSA/CPSU NSW and be involved by having a say in how their workplace is run.

For more information on dates, times and locations contact your local delegate or email us at and


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