How safe is your identity?

Feb 2, 2018

How safe is your identity – February 2018 (PDF version)

The PSA has written to the Secretary of the Department of Finance and Services to demand an immediate removal of government officers’ personal details from the government construction licensing register.

The DFSI Registers are a good initiative in principle, and have a range of trade and safety license holders both past and present with details of their personal details.

Whilst this is important to maintain safety and integrity in the building industry, an unintended consequence is that government law enforcement, regulatory, child protection and corrective services will have their personal details displayed on the public database. The PSA is aware of a number of serious risks to public service members and their families from potentially violent members of the public unhappy with the work we do and decisions we make for the people of NSW.

The PSA has written to the Secretary DFSI to ask for this Registry to remove the address of government officers. A copy of this letter can be seen HERE.

There is varied information dependent on what licenses and qualifications you hold. Members with trade certificates and safety licenses can see what details are available HERE.

Several agencies have requested on behalf of their employees that their staff details are removed to prevent the risk.

All members who are concerned about their personal details being made available can make a request under the HOME BUILDING ACT 1989 – SECT 120 (4) to the Secretary to have parts of their details removed for personal safety reasons.

The attached form found HERE can be used and you should indicate “all construction assist, home building and SafeWork registries”. The contact email is

SafeWork Inspectors have been granted an exemption and as a guide when making their request have been advised:

“The following options are available for inspectors for individual consideration as to what they wish to request:

a) Publish licence information for inspectors on the public register, suppressing only personal information such as an individual’s address and replacing the address where applicable with a work PO Box. (This process is aligned to current practice within NSW Fair Trading, where the Fair Trading inspectors appear on the register – so they can prove their trade and technical experience – but they use the Fair Trading office address, not their personal address);


b) Remove all personal information pertaining to the inspector from the public register on the basis that they are engaging in high risk activity as part of their role in representing our organisation.”

For more details contact the PSA on 1300 772 679.

Anti-Discrimination Board – PSA member update

Dec 22, 2017

Anti-Discrimination Board – restructure update – Dec 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA wrote to the Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB) to emphasise the ADB’s obligation to genuinely consult with members in relation to the restructure.  Read that letter HERE

This follows member concerns over the absence of proper consultation.  As a result of the letter, information was provided to the PSA at the last Joint Consultative meeting between the ABD and the PSA.

In the meeting:

  • The PSA highlighted that there had been endless speculation about the restructure, and some staff fear for the future and are concerned about what the restructure will mean to them
  • The PSA raised that fact that the downgrading of the Manager Enquiries and Conciliation is causing Education Branch staff concern as to what this will mean to their own roles. If there is no Grade 9/10, what will happen to the Grade 7/8 roles?
  • Kathrina Lo, the Deputy Secretary of Justice Services, advised that the Department is committed to a transparent process and consultation
  • The submission for draft structure and draft role descriptions will be provided to the Secretary for his approval in principle as soon as it is finalised. Ms. Lo clarified that the approval is for the draft structure and draft role descriptions to be released for consultation early in the new year. This was confirmed in a letter to the PSA
  • Staff will be invited to make suggestions for amendments they believe are required and Ms. Lo will consider these amendments
  • Lo reiterated that there will be genuine consultation and nothing is final until after the consultation
  • The Department will review the staff comments and will get back to staff with their feedback on those comments.

View the response of management to the PSA letter HERE.

The PSA will develop a structured consultation process with management in order to express the views of members. Member meetings in relation to the restructure will be organised in early 2018. A PSA bulletin outlining the relevant policies will be sent to members in January 2018.

Your PSA Delegate is:

Margaret White –

Your PSA Staff are:

Surabi Alauddin – PSA Organiser –

Monika Wunderlin – PSA Industrial Officer –


POVB – member update

Oct 27, 2017

POVB – member update – 27 Oct 2017 (PDF version)


This week there were further benchmarking initial meetings at:


SAS increase x 1
AS loss x 3
SCO increase x 2
CO increase x 3

Long Bay Hospital 1+2

MOS loss x 1
SAS increase x 2
AS loss x 7
SCO loss x 12
CO loss x 10

As with the MSPC benchmarking figures, the loss at Long Bay Hospital is considerable also.  It goes without saying the POVB Executive will work closely with the delegates of both centres.

Next week we will be going to:

Dawn De Loas: 31 October
OMMPC: 1 November

These will be the last centres to be benchmarked this year.

South Coast Correctional Centre

I would like to congratulate the delegates at South Coast Correctional Centre who worked tirelessly to get a positive outcome in regards to how the VOR was being implemented at South Coast Correctional Centre.

This centre was having issues with a lack of information getting passed to members when after parade, throughout the day, changes were being made to the operation of the centre.

As per the safe staffing award any change to the operation of a centre must be relayed to members so they know the risks or non-risks to their safe working environment.

The delegates called a stop work meeting when it was continuing to happen, the members stood firm. A motion was put to management about what was acceptable with reasonable requests.

This centre is now working with a system that provides staff with the information that is imperative to make sure staff are aware of any changes to their work environment.

I congratulate the delegates and the members for getting the positive outcome. If any delegate is having similar issues the delegates of the centre would be more than willing to assist you with your issues.

Moree Court Cells

Moree Court Cells suffered a serious fire earlier this week. Two staff were hospitalised but now discharged from hospital and recovering at home.  The court cells have severe damage to them and the staff at that cell complex are going to have to work under difficult conditions in the future.

Firstly, I wish to commend the staff involved as they were able, at the risk to their safety, get the inmates out. This incident highlights the lack of breathing equipment for staff to respond for the extraction of inmates in these situations. The executive will be raising this issue with CSNSW not only for the Court Cells but for all centres.

Cyclic rostering

The business rules will be coming out to the delegates/centres to distribute to the membership for feedback.

Delegates will be attending PSA on 14 and
15 November and we would like any feedback by then please so it can be forwarded to CSNSW.

Mid North Coast

Mid North Coast has started the second phase of benchmarking and the staffing has been changed as per the plan.

There are several issues that have been happening at the centre, such as roles, responsibilities and delegations. Having only one SAS on a weekend when the facility has had numerous serious incidents has been raised as a concern.

I have been in contact with Chairperson of the centre and some issues are being dealt with locally and other issues will be dealt with via the CSNSW benchmarking reform meetings. The next meeting is this Monday coming.

The benchmarking issues at Mid North will be raised as an agenda item for the Delegates meeting in November.

John Morony

Jason and Darren attended the centre to assist organising the delegates for the sub branch.  I congratulate the delegates for putting their hand up to do the role. At times, it is a very difficult role to do with little thanks.

The POVB executive will assist them with any issues that arise when the new centre comes on line. We will also assist them in getting training from PSA.


Nicole Jess
Chairperson POVB



NSW Police – PSA visits to the South Coast

Oct 27, 2017

Police – PSA visits to the South Coast – Oct 2017 (PDF version)

Next week, PSA South East Regional Organiser, Tony Heathwood, and PSA Organiser for Police, Roland Harris, will be visiting Police sites on the South Coast to discuss regional re-engineering with staff.

The visits will take place as follows:

Monday 30 October:

11:00am-12:00pm: Shoalhaven LAC (Nowra)

2:30pm-3:30pm: Far South Coast LAC (Batemans Bay)

Tuesday 31 October:

9:00am-10:00am: Monaro LAC (Queanbeyan)

12:00pm-1:00pm: Police Academy (Goulburn, Room 1.04)

2:30pm-3:30pm: Hume LAC (Goulburn)

Wednesday 1 November:

9:30am-10:30am: Police Radio (Oak Flats)

11:00am-12:00pm: Lake Illawarra LAC (Oak Flats)

1:00pm-2:00pm: Southern Region Office/Wollongong LAC (Level 5 Conference Room, Southern Region Office, Wollongong)


–          Role of the union in re-engineering
–          Regional LAC amalgamations
–          LAC workload survey
–          PSA membership benefits
–          General business

All staff are encouraged to take the time to meet with us on these visits and raise any questions, issues, or concerns on re-engineering or any other topic. Membership forms will be available for non-members to sign up on the day.

Please remember the PSA can only represent its members.

Put a copy of this on your notice board and bring along a colleague – strong membership means a strong union!

Any questions, please contact:

Roland Harris –

Tony Heathwood –



Crown Solicitors Office – IRC dispute update

Oct 23, 2017

Crown Solicitors’s Officer – IRC dispute update – October 2017 (PDF version)

CSO open-plan office proposal – Industrial Relations Commission dispute

The PSA has lodged a dispute in the IRC, challenging the CSO’s open-plan office proposal and Property NSW’s NSW Government Fitout Design Principles policy the CSO is stating mandates the move to open plan.

The dispute is based on the CSO’s failure to properly consult with the PSA, failure to clarify why it is bound by the open-plan requirement of the Property NSW policy, and failure to adequately address work health and safety concerns. The diversity of concerns expressed by the membership as compiled previously, including productivity, confidentiality, noise, privacy, active file use and storage, have also been cited.

The PSA is seeking the following remedies:

  1. CSO stops progress on its open-plan office proposal.
  2. CSO completes risk assessments of the Open plan office proposal and provides them to the PSA.
  3. CSO properly consults with the PSA by exploring alternatives through a PSA representative workplace committee to determine an acceptable compromise.
  4. Contracting its architect to properly assess if the current number of offices can reasonably fit into five floors and releasing this information to the PSA.
  5. That Property NSW stops any action forcing the CSO to pursue an open-plan work environment.
  6. That Property NSW properly consults with the PSA in relation to its work environment policies, specifically amending its policy requiring all office layouts to be open plan, taking into account the specific needs of public servants requiring individual offices (for example government solicitors).
  7. That Property NSW rescinds its current policy and creates a new policy in consultation with the PSA.

IRC hearing date:

Thursday 2 November, 10am, Industrial Relations Commission of NSW, Court 5.4, Level 5. Members are encouraged to attend.

PSA request for health and safety representatives (HSRs)

The PSA has been alerted that consultation over work, health and safety matters at the CSO is not operating in an effective matter. Upon the request of PSA members, your union has lodged a request with CSO management for the election of HSRs under Section 50 of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. Elected and trained HSRs are distinct from WHS Committee Officers, as they have powers under WHS legislation to issue Performance Improvement Notices and to Direct Unsafe Work to Cease. In light of the open-plan office proposal, HSR’s are an important tool to protect the WHS interests of CSO staff.

The PSA expects negotiations with CSO management for HSR’s to commence shortly.

Your PSA delegates are:

Leigh Plater – Senior Solicitor (x 85377)

Teri Southwell – Legal & Financial Administration Officer (x 85410)

Your PSA staff are:

Surabi Alauddin – Organiser

Andrew Boulton – Industrial Officer

Encourage your colleagues to join the PSA online at, or see your delegates for Membership Forms. A unionised workplace is a fairer workplace!

100 years of the Petty Sessions Officers Association

Sep 19, 2017

Petty Sessions Officers Association – 100 years – September 2017 (PDF version)

The voice of court staff within your union, the PSA!

What is the Petty Sessions Officers Association (PSOA)?

The PSOA is the Advisory Group within the PSA that represents members working in Local Courts, Children’s Courts, the Coroner’s Court and District Courts. It consists of PSA delegates within Court Services across NSW. This year marks the 100th year of the PSOA.

The PSOA champions the invaluable work you do, and advocates for your working rights and conditions. The PSOA meets with Court Services management on a quarterly basis to raise industrial issues on behalf of members (Court Services Joint Consultative Committee).

Your PSOA delegates are:

Honorary Secretary – Jeffrey Walters, Wyong Court

Vice Presidents  

Veronica Antcliff, Scone Court

Danielle Beard, Forbes Court

Assistant Secretary – Sharyn Rowlands, Narrandera Court

Ordinary executive members

Gordon Roberts, Downing Centre

Stephen Wells, Tamworth Court

Become a Court Services delegate!

Would you like to become involved with your union and make a difference in your workplace? Becoming involved with the PSOA is the best way to advance the workplace issues that you care about and to improve your rights at work by building strength on the ground and supporting your fellow members.

The PSOA is looking for more members. Mentoring and training will be provided by PSA staff and delegates. All members are entitled to
12 days (every two years) of paid trade union leave to attend PSA training courses. Enrol online HERE.

Contact any of the PSOA delegates or your PSA staff if you are interested.

Upcoming court staff survey

The PSOA want to know the issues that you face in your roles and your workplaces. Keep an eye out for a survey that will be sent out in the near future. Members can also send feedback to any of the PSOA delegates or PSA staff.

Your PSA staff:

Organiser – Surabi Alauddin

Industrial officer – Andrew Boulton

Unity, Strength, Respect – united we bargain, divided we beg. The more members we have in Court Services, the stronger we become to advocate and fight for better working conditions, higher pay increases and increased job security. Encourage your colleagues to join the PSA online.


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