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CPSU NSW/PSA meeting with LPI/ARI

Jul 14, 2017

CPSU NSW and PSA meeting with LPI and ARI – July 2017 (PDF version)

On Tuesday 11 July, PSA General Secretary Stewart Little and PSA industrial staff met with executives of Australian Registry Investments Andrew Faber and Mark Hector.

The purpose of this initial meeting was to explain our long history of representing LPI staff and our continuing coverage after the transition to ARI under the banner of CPSU NSW (PSA), in the federal industrial relations jurisdiction.

We are pleased to have reached agreement with the new executive on key issues, namely:

  • The continuation of the existing management/union consultation processes, including consultative committees
  • Continuation of the existing workplace groups and delegate structures within LPI
  • Confirmation that ARI will comply with the 2.5 per cent Public Sector pay increase
  • Obligations of the employer with regard to the Land and Property Information (Authorised Transaction) Act 2016 and the copied state award.

Finally, members should not be concerned about their flex entitlements being terminated after 12 months. The DFSI flexible working hours agreement that is currently in place is linked to the copied state award which covers all LPI staff. This means that so long as that flex agreement remains in place (which we expect that it will), LPI staff will continue to enjoy its benefits until at least the end of the four-year employment guarantee period.

The CPSU NSW/PSA is with you and remains your union for all industrial matters.

LPI payment changes update

Jun 22, 2017

LPI Payment changes update – 22 June 2017 (PDF Version)

The PSA understands the changeover to ARI by the 1 July is expected.

Part of this changeover from the PSA’s perspective is to update payment information.

What this means for PSA members

While most members actually do direct debit their payments from bank accounts or credit cards, there are still between 70 and 80 members who have their fees paid by payroll deductions.

For those of you who still paying by payroll deduction, the PSA is suggesting you change to direct debit.

Online ‘Switch’ forms are available HERE

Forms are also available from your Delegates, please contact them if you wish to change to direct debit.

Land and Property Information PSA media statement

May 25, 2017

Land and Property Information PSA media statement – May 2017 (PDF version)

The Sydney Morning Herald recently reported taxpayers could potentially pay tens of millions because of LPI F6 bungle. Typically, and disgracefully, Finance Minister Victor Dominello once again rushed to blame the bungle on LPI staff, rather than recognise the real cause: his Government’s privatisation-at-any-cost agenda.

See the PSA media statement debunking the Minister’s false assertion HERE.

LPI pay rises post-transition

As LPI T&R staff will be aware, your conditions and entitlements found in your current Award will be carried over to the new employer for a period of four years as per the conditions of employment guarantee your union campaigned for as the privatisation bill went through the NSW Parliament.

Quite literally, your state award is copied word for word, and it will exist in the federal sphere.

This copied state award will also include the carry over of your flexible-working-hours entitlements.

However, despite the copied state Award being tied to the state Salaries Award, Treasury has provide LPI advice that any pay rises will be in line with the Fair Work Commission’s annual wage reviews. Whilst the Fair Work Act and related Transitional Act does include a section allowing for the variation of a copied state Award relating to wages, the PSA does not agree that it is automatically linked to the annual wage review. The relevant section of the Transitional Act is:

  • In an annual wage review, the FWC may make a determination varying terms of a Division 2B State award relating to wages.

However this only allows that the Fair Work Commission may make a determination of this type. In other areas of PSA coverage the PSA has fought for and won an increase of 2.5 per cent to apply when the FWC increased wages by 2.4 per cent.

For your reference, the past three years the FWC annual review has increased wages as such:

  • 3 per cent on 1 July 2014
  • 2.5 per cent on 1 July 2015
  • 2.4 per cent in 1 July 2016

The PSA is seeking further legal advice on this matter, but members can be assured, the PSA will fight for fair and appropriate pay rises, which are at a minimum the 2.5 per cent, which would have automatically applied had the Government not sold off LPI.


Land and Property Information Transitional Consultative Committee

May 12, 2017

Land and Property Information Transitional Consultative Committee – May 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA held a members meeting at the Rolleston Room on 19 April with PSA General Secretary Stewart Little in attendance. We discussed some of the concerns from members since the privatisation announcement earlier last month.

It was apparent there was some uncertainty about which union would be covering LPI members into the future.

Please be advised the PSA will continue to cover all LPI staff as they transition.

We are your union and we intend to continue to be your union into the future. We believe we are best placed to continue to represent you given that we negotiated your current salary, conditions and entitlements.

We appreciate this is a difficult and uncertain time for staff and we want you to know your union is here to support you through the transition.

LPI Transitional Consultative Committee

Last week the PSA and your delegates met with management for a Transitional Consultative Committee meeting for clarity on a number of questions:

  • The separation processes and the transition to Australian Registry Investments (ARI). Management confirmed Deloitte will be taking over from KMPG and the transition phase is set to begin in the coming days.
  • Management structure. The PSA asked whether the LPI management structure will change post-separation. LPI management advised it is up to the new private entity what it intends to do in relation to the new management structures and there is no specific protection for SOs.
  • Future pay increases. At a recent staff meeting, members were informed by LPI Chief Financial Officer James Dolton that their salary increases would be in accord with the Fair Work Commission annual increases. We were told they were advised this by NSWIR. The PSA has sought to be provided with this advice. The PSA raised that whilst employees will ultimately be transferring to the federal Fair Work system, the statement may not be correct given the copied state Award is tied to the Salaries Award and therefore for the life of that Award, staff will continue to receive whatever pay rises the PSA negotiates. It is the PSA’s position that members will receive the annual increases negotiated in the Crown Employees (Public Sector) Salaries Award until a replacement Enterprise Agreement has been completely negotiated and agreed upon by the workplace over the course of the next four years. We are seeking further advice on this matter.
  • WHS committee. There is currently no formal WHS committee, so members do not know who to approach on such issues. We raised this and management have agreed to begin drafting a policy to look at ways to address any WHS concerns. In the meantime, if you have concerns please contact your local delegate.
  • Paid-time members’ meetings. At the meeting the PSA requested that all future member meetings which involve the transition ought to be on work time. Des Mooney indicated he does not believe existing protocol should change. However, he was willing to receive a formal written request with reasons from the PSA. We are going to follow that up with a formal written request shortly.

Update your details and make the switch today!

Are you still paying by payroll deduction? In order to ensure your union membership stays active regardless of the employer, you should switch your payments to direct debit or credit card.

Update your details, make the switch and protect your union membership today!

These are challenging times for members in Titling and Registry and we must make sure sure you and your union are protected now, and into the future, with whatever organisation you are with.

It’s easy just log in, update your details and make the switch

You can update your details including how you pay through our online portal HERE.

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Land and Property Information The fight goes on

Apr 13, 2017

Land and Property Information The fight goes on – April 2017 (PDF version)

The entire PSA has been hugely disappointed at the Berejiklian Government’s ‘fire sale’ lease of the state’s 150-year-old land titles registry to Hastings Funds Management and First State Super, for a meagre $2.6 billion.

It is astounding that the 35-year lease has gone ahead despite the serious concerns coming from professional stakeholders as diverse as the Law Council of Australia, the Law Society of NSW, the Real Estate Institute of NSW and the Institution of Surveyors. Not to mention many within the ranks of the Liberal Party.

Gladys ignored them all. It is clear that the Premier intends to follow the same arrogant practice of completely failing to listen to and consult with stakeholders and the community in general when it comes to making important decisions around public assets. This arrogance was on show when she tried to spin a 22 per cent swing against her in the recent North Shore and Manly by-elections, as business as usual.

The PSA, in conjunction with the Concerned Titles Group, were out in force on polling booths at those by-elections and you can be assured that the privatisation of LPI was firmly in the minds of traditional Liberal Party voters as they turned their back on Berejiklian.

PSA Industrial staff met with your delegates last Thursday to discuss some of the concerns that they have been hearing from members since the announcement.

Some of these concerns include:

  • Will the PSA remain the union covering staff once the privatisation has concluded?
  • How will the PSA be supporting members in the transition process to ensure they are fully protected once the contract is finalised with the buyer in the coming months?
  • How the four-year Crown Employees Award guarantee works and whether the new owner can overturn these award conditions despite the fact that that four-year guarantee is set down in legislation?
  • Will staff get the 2.5 per cent pay rise?
  • What is happening with the Labor Party’s repeal bill?

The PSA would like to make this message very clear to our members; we are your union, and we will continue to fight and represent the best interests of our members, no matter what situation we are faced with.

We have organised a members meeting for Wednesday 19 April, 12.30-1.30pm in the Rolleston Room.

PSA General Secretary Stewart Little will attend, along with other industrial staff to address these questions and more so that staff can be reassured of their protections and entitlements going forward.

Mr Little has also been in the media. Listen to him on 2GB on Thursday 13 April making comments deriding the lease of LPI HERE.

You can view the PSA media release HERE.

In addition the PSA are organising actions outside train station to hand out info to the public. Whilst the announcement has been made, the PSA will not give up holding this Government to account for its disastrous decisions. The PSA will be out at Engadine railway station on the morning of Wednesday 19 April. To volunteer to help, please email PSA Industrial Manager Nathan Bradshaw at for more details.

Land Titles Registry sale a disaster for millions in NSW

Apr 12, 2017

PSA Media release:

The NSW Government decision to lease the 150 year old Land Titles Registry to Hastings Funds Management and First State Super is a recipe for disaster for millions of property owners across NSW said the Public Service Association (PSA).

“It is hands down, the most appalling fire sale decision yet by a Government with a strong track record in that area”, said PSA General Secretary, Stewart Little.

“The Government trumpets its efforts on ‘life-changing projects’ but what could be more life changing for millions of people across NSW than to lose the security on their own property?

“Just as the PSA feared all along, ultimately the personal property records of the people in NSW will be held offshore given a portion of the successful consortium is based in London.”

Currently, the Government provides insurance and security of property titles. But now the Registry has been sold to a private operator, individual land owners may be forced to take out insurance to guard against unscrupulous property developers or fraud.

“These super companies will be out to turn a profit for their members,” Mr Little said.

“In recent times, Registry costs to the consumer have increased by 300%, just to fatten the company for sale and it will only get worse.

“How on earth can the Premier call this a win win situation?

“Selling a critical Government function that has such an enormous bearing on the economy and the lives of every land and property owner in NSW is nothing short of ideology gone mad.

“Academics, former senior staff, community groups, major newspapers, property developers and even prominent members of the Liberal Party have all joined the PSA in condemning the idea.”



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