Corrective Services Remembrance Day

Nov 24, 2017

Today, Friday 24 November, we reflect, as we do each year, on the sad loss of colleagues in Corrective Services who have tragically fallen while serving the community.

The day is therefore a reminder that Correctional Officers and supporting staff are employed in one of the most difficult and dangerous workplaces in the community.

Every Correctional Officer should be able to go to work each day and know that they will return to their families and loved ones safely.

Sadly, in this line of work, that’s never a guarantee.

No other workplace requires the riot squad to be on stand-by when a smoking ban is introduced.

No other workplace requires such stringent safety procedures.

Many of the inmates that Correctional Officers and staff supervise have nothing left to lose and all too often officers are required to deal with unpredictable and dangerous situations.

This underscores the importance of proper staff to inmate ratios and the need for improved workers compensation provisions to protect these officers and their families.

The world that exists behind the walls of Correctional facilities might seem intriguing to some members of the community.

The fact is these officers place their lives on the line every day in service to the public.

Stewart Little
PSA General Secretary


Fears Regional Communities will lose Local Police jobs

Nov 23, 2017

PSA Media release

The Public Service Association (PSA) holds grave fears many regional areas will be stripped of local police staff under a restructure of NSW Police.

“We are extremely concerned about the loss of critical civilian support staff who ensure police are properly equipped to be able to undertake the full range of their duties on behalf of their local communities,” said PSA General Secretary, Stewart Little.

“These roles include staff at Police stations, Forensics officers, Intelligence analysts who track crime patterns and Community Liaison officers.

“As a former uniformed officer himself, Troy Grant is very well aware of the vital role played by civilian support staff in day to day policing in NSW.

“Job cuts in regional areas mean less money going into the local community, families being forced to move elsewhere, taking their spending money with them and removing their kids from local schools.

“Every job in the bush feeds into six others from the local supermarket to car dealers”.

“Regional NSW has already been hit for six by the NSW Coalition Government with cuts in TAFE and National Parks, the privatisation of disability services and a number of other critical public services.”

“We call on the National Party in regional NSW to give an undertaking that local police will continue to have the vital administrative support that allows them to fully serve their communities and that no police officer will be forced into an administrative role and taken off front line duties.”

Powerhouse Museum – the PSA fights for you

Nov 23, 2017

Powerhouse Museum – the PSA fights for you – November 2017 (PDF version)

When injustice exists, your union fights back. Since the restructure of 2014, casual Visitor Services Officers have been paid at the incorrect General Scale rate, rather than the Clerk 1/2 rate, which was agreed upon by the PSA at that time. MAAS management has a different perspective.

This different perspective has led to ongoing negotiations between the PSA and management in the Industrial Relations Commission, through a formal Conciliation process. As this process was unsuccessful, a certificate of attempted conciliation was issued and Arbitration is slated to commence in February, 2018.

Throughout this period, the PSA has been growing in numbers and strength at the Powerhouse. This growth in membership and the activism of members has increased pressure on management and taken us to where we are today, with an initial settlement offer to resolve the case. The terms of the offer are copied below for your reference.

The vote is yours

The PSA was founded on the principle of democracy and it is this democratic tradition that we invite all affected members to be part of today. After consultation meetings, where we want to hear your thoughts and feelings on the offer, we will be holding a vote for all affected members. The decision will be whether to accept or reject the offer.

Importantly, only members of the PSA will get a vote. If you know people who are not members of the PSA, this is the time to encourage them to join.

If you have received this message, you had a reason for joining the PSA. Explaining your reasons to non-members is the best way to bring your colleagues into the union and to grow our collective power so that we can be stronger together.

The vote will be held after the following two meetings have been held:

Meeting 1:

Tuesday, 28 December


PSA House, Level 10, 160 Clarence Street, Sydney


Meeting 2:

Thursday, 30 December


PSA House, Level 10, 160 Clarence Street, Sydney

All affected members are invited to attend these events. We also encourage members who left the VSO role since 2014, but were members of the PSA, to attend. If you are in contact with these people, please inform them that they are welcome.

Apart from these meetings, your Organiser, Harry Wall, will be attending the morning briefing on Tuesday 28 November and Friday 1 December. Harry will attend the break room from 8:45am onwards and be available to speak after the meeting until 9:45am.

If you have any further inquiries, call Harry Wall on 0419 607 894.

If you would like to make a private submission or comment via email, sent it to All emails will be treated confidentially.

Terms of the Settlement Offer

  1. MAAS pay 25% of the total back pay to each employee who has worked as a casual VSO since the 2014 restructure, including ex-employees.
  2. The casual VSO role is reclassified to Clerk Grade 1/2 (from General Scale), which may include the addition of some duties.
  3. That MAAS would work with the PSA to review the current VSO structure with the idea of implementing more ongoing VSO roles and strengthen rostering to ensure MAAS remains economically viable.

If members choose to accept the offer, the PSA will:

  • Sign a deed of release to resolve the matter.
  • Work with MAAS to review the current VSO structure.
  • Work with MAAS in the development of a new Role Description to reflect the changes to the VSO classification.

ICAC bulletin

Nov 23, 2017

ICAC bulletin – November 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA is your union and we are looking to have a strong and supportive presence at the Independent Commission Against Corruption. To do this, we must build proper industrial structures in your workplace. As such, we are holding a meeting to talk about what the PSA can do for you, and what you can do for your union.

At this meeting, we will report back on what occurred when the PSA’s General Secretary, Stewart Little, met with Chief Commissioner Hall to discuss the future of the ICAC. We will also discuss next steps in proceeding with consultative arrangements between the PSA and management. Finally, we want to hear from you about your ideas, concerns and hopes for the future.

The meeting will be held at the following time:

5 December, 2017


Meeting Room 1

All members are strongly encouraged to attend and to bring along a colleague so that they too can be part of our union.

If you are unable to make the meeting, or have any further queries, please contact your newly appointed industrial organiser, Harry Wall, on 0419 607 894 or

Parliament House Annual General Meeting

Nov 23, 2017

Parliament House Annual General Meeting – November 2017 (PDF version)

PSA Members at Parliament House are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Parliament House Workplace Group. The General Secretary of the PSA, Stewart Little, will be in attendance to speak with members. There will also be reports from your delegates about what has been done in 2017 and what could be done in 2018.

Meeting details:

Location: 814-815


29 November, 2017


  1. Apologies
  2. General Secretary’s speech (Stewart Little)
  3. Elections – nominations & workplace group elections
  4. Chairperson’s report (David Hale)
  5. Secretary’s report (April Lowndes)
  6. Industrial Officer’s report (Nick Player)
  7. The PSA & Parliament in 2018
  8. Other business

This AGM is a chance to have your say about your rights. If you are not a member of the PSA, this is an excellent opportunity to hear what the PSA does and to join this union.

If you are unable to attend or have any further inquiries, please inform your Organiser, Harry Wall, on 0419 607 894 or via email to

Transport for NSW call for nominations

Nov 23, 2017

Transport for NSW call for nominations – November 2017 (PDF version)

Your union, the PSA, is calling on nominations for an additional for workplace delegates for the Transport Management Centre.

  • Two additional TOC delegates
  • Two additional transport commander delegates.

Nominations for the above positions close 5pm, Wednesday 20 December 2017.

Workplace delegates perform a vital role. As a delegate, you are the day-to-day face of the union in the workplace. Delegates are the connecting key between PSA members in the workplace and the rest of the union.

If you would enjoy the challenge of helping your colleagues achieve fair outcomes and solving problems we would love to hear from you. To nominate for the position of a workplace delegate, you will need to complete a nomination form which can be found at This nomination form, once completed, can be sent to

In the event that there are more persons nominated than positions, a ballot of members will take place to decide the outcome at a meeting of the workplace on 21 December. Further details of this workplace meeting will be released at a later date.

For further information on becoming a workplace delegate, please do not hesitate to contact your organiser Ben James. E: M. 0438 485 535.


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