Workers comp cuts – how have they impacted on you?

May 7, 2014

For almost two years, unions have been pressuring the NSW Government to reverse the savage cuts that were made to workers compensation in 2012.

You can maintain the rage by telling the Government exactly how these attacks are impacting on you by completing the Unions NSW survey below.

The results of the survey will be presented to the Government and Opposition.

Even if you have completed one of these surveys in the past, Unions NSW need to hear from you again with your latest experiences.

For more information about the workers compensation changes please go to

PSA News – 6 May 2014

May 6, 2014

Court of Appeal supports Government wages policy

The Court of Appeal today ruled in favour of the Baird Government’s position that increases in superannuation are to be included under its wage cap.

As members know, the PSA has fought tirelessly to secure the full 2.5% rather than have it discounted by the rise in the superannuation guarantee levy.

Today’s decision however means members employed under the Public Sector Salaries and related awards will, under the 2013 wage case, receive no more than the 2.27% that has been already paid.

This equates to the 2.5% available under the Government’s wages policy discounted by the rise in the superannuation guarantee levy.

In April 2013, the PSA applied to the Industrial Relations Commission for a 2.5% salary increase to commence from 1 July 2013.

This was the maximum allowed, without trade-offs, under the Government’s unfair wages policy.

In May, the Government suddenly announced its intention to use the Federal Government’s increase to the Superannuation Guarantee Contribution as an excuse to reduce the pay of public sector workers.

The PSA argued against this in the Industrial Relations Commission and won by unanimous decision of the Full Bench of the Commission.

The Government refused to accept the ruling and attempted to exhaust every legal loophole to find a way around the decision.

This included an unsuccessful attempt to change its own law.

An interim increase of 2.27% was however agreed upon and backdated – thanks to the PSA – to the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2013.

In December 2013, the Industrial Relations Commission ruled that the Government should pay the full 2.5% and not discount it by the superannuation increase.

But once again the Government was unprepared to accept the decision of the independent umpire and embarked on a multi-stepped strategy in defence of its position.

Again, it unsuccessfully moved to change its own law.

As part of this strategy, the Government took the matter to the Court of Appeal.

And today won.

“This is an extremely disappointing conclusion to a fight the PSA has led for the past year,” said PSA General Secretary, Anne Gardiner.

“Public sector workers have effectively been locked into pay increases below the inflation rate.“

“On top of the endless wave of job cuts, today’s decision will make it more difficult for the NSW public service to attract and retain highly skilled workers.”

The PSA will continue to fight to protect your wages and conditions and the important public services you provide.

$342m to children’s services – The Daily Telegraph

May 6, 2014


VULNERABLE children and their families will get a $342million funding increase over two years — as the NSW government signs off on an extension of the Keep Them Safe program.

Due to lose funding in June, the program goes towards Family and Community Services and NSW Health, Justice, and Education agencies to make child protection a shared responsibility — a key recommendation from the Wood Commission into child protection services.

Of the $171 million a year, $73.9 million will go to government agencies for things such as out-of-home care and Children’s magistrates.

Another $97.1 million will go to prevention and early intervention services.

Community Services Minister Gabrielle Upton said the funding would hopefully reduce the number of vulnerable children in NSW.

“This commitment is particularly important to our partner non-government organisations that are a critical part of delivering real outcomes on the frontline of child protection and wellbeing,” Ms Upton said. “This $342 million will ensure vulnerable children and families continue to receive support while a comprehensive evaluation of Keep Them Safe is completed.”

Powerhouse Museum to clear out one-fifth of staff – The Sydney Morning Herald

May 6, 2014

55 of 270 positions to be made redundant at the Powerhouse Museum.

Read the Herald article HERE.

Disability carers concerned about cut to services – The Sydney Morning Herald

May 6, 2014

The overwhelming majority of informal disability carers fear for their health if the implementation of the NDIS results in cuts to services .

Read the story HERE.

May Day 2014

May 5, 2014
Defend Public Services and the sun shines May Day 2014

Defending public services as the sun shines May Day 2014


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