PSA achieves major win for temporary employees

Nov 4, 2014

Dear members,

On 17 October, I sent an email highlighting the PSA’s serious concerns about the impact of the GSE Act on temporary employees.

Read 17 October email HERE.

Today, in a major win for thousands of temporary employees in the public service, the Public Service Commissioner advised the PSA that amendments will be made to the Rules of the Government Sector Employment Act in order to streamline the conversion of existing temporary employees to permanent jobs.

This decision comes after the PSA’s active campaigning to achieve security for temporary employees.

Under the provisions of the GSE Act, thousands of temporary employees stood to be terminated on 24 February 2015.

The impact this would have had on long-term temporary employees and the services they provide was highlighted in the Sydney Morning Herald last week.

Read the Herald article HERE.

The PSA will now consult with Agencies regarding the changes outlined by the Public Service Commissioner today.

We will update members and delegates on what can be done to ensure this win is put into action in your workplace.

Temporary employees who are not members need to join the PSA in order to receive assistance from the union in the conversion process.

If you know a temporary employee who isn’t a member, please encourage them to join the union.

Today’s win is thanks to the efforts of PSA members who provided us with the information needed for the union to campaign around this issue.

In unity,

Anne Gardiner
General Secretary

PSA News – 4 November 2014

Nov 4, 2014

PSA disputes FACS direction against leave for November 13 rally

As you are aware the PSA is holding a rally outside Parliament House at midday on Thursday 13 November to present a petition which calls on the NSW Government to protect the conditions, job security and pay of ADHC workers and cease the wholesale privatisation of Ageing, Disability and Home Care services.

This petition has been signed by nearly 25,000 people across NSW.

FACS has advised its staff that:

  1. new flex time or recreation leave applications will not be approved for 13 November 2014; and
  1. extended lunch breaks greater than an hour will not be granted.

This blanket direction appears to be an act of political interference aimed at protecting the interests of the NSW Government.

It denies the industrial and human rights of public sector workers to protest in support of their employment conditions and workplace rights.

Accordingly, the PSA has lodged a dispute in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.

The union continues to urge members to attend the rally, using lunch break, flex time, annual leave or an RDO.

Contact the PSA immediately if you are denied any of these forms of legitimate leave to attend the rally.


RSVP for the rally here:

Download a Rally Flyer HERE

NDIS risked by privatisation – The Newcastle Herald

Nov 4, 2014

Opinion by  Kate Washington, Labor candidate for Port Stephens

“Under a NDIS, the state government cannot wash its hands of its responsibilities.  It should continue to play its role as provider of last resort and continue to ensure that quality services and proper accountability are at the heart of disability service provision.”

Read the Newcastle Herald story HERE

Serco prison guard incident highlights PSA concerns about the non-government sector

Oct 31, 2014

Read the Daily Telegraph article HERE

A RUNAWAY asylum seeker was arrested yesterday at the home of his female Serco prison guard lover who had just had his baby.

Detainee Aziz Ali Abdulkader is alleged to have fled from detention in Brisbane just over nine months ago and was ­rearrested at his lover’s home in Greenacre yesterday morning.

According to a Serco whistleblower, who informed 2GB’s Ray Hadley, immigration officials raided the home of the female prison guard only to find she was in hospital having just given birth to Abdulkader’s baby.

Abdulkader allegedly escaped on January 21st when he was being transferred from a Brisbane detention facility to hospital and has been on the run ever since.

He was taken back into custody yesterday morning.

Hadley told listeners that when immigration officers attempted to contact the woman “they were put through to the maternity ward where she had just given birth to a baby allegedly fathered by a detainee who has been on the run”.

The whistleblower told Hadley the woman’s sister was also a Serco guard.

“They are investigating fraud and rorts being performed by another Serco employee where government funds have been claimed illegitimately,” said Hadley.

Steve McMahon of the prison officers’ union said: “These are the things we were concerned about when private operators were allowed to run facilities that should be run by the government.

“The entry requirements to be employed by these private firms are nowhere near as high and the scrutiny levels are not as thorough. They make millions of dollars profit by cutting corners and not paying their staff properly,” he said.

British contractor Serco has a $1.8 billion government contract for work including guarding detention centres but has had a string of embarrassing failures and security breaches.

Last year, a Senate estimates hearing heard that in the previous year 63 people had escaped from detention.

In October, Serco was forced to retrain its Christmas Island staff after a guard was fired for having sex with a ­female detainee.

A Serco spokesman would not talk about the latest bungle. “While it is under investigation it is inappropriate for us to make any comment,” he said.

A spokesman for Immigration Minister Scott Morrison said: “The minister has been advised that the department has requested a formal investigation of the matter by the service provider. This matter is also being referred to the AFP.”

Homeless women’s services saved from chopping block – The Sydney Morning Herald

Oct 31, 2014

Community Services Minister Gabrielle Upton has announced the signing of contracts that will save a number of services for homeless women in Sydney.

Read the article HERE.

Gosford LCAG rally against plans to privatise ADHC

Oct 30, 2014

The Gosford Local Community Action Group (LCAG) rallied at at Kibble Park, Gosford 29 October to protest against State Government plans to privatise Ageing Disability and Home Care (ADHC).

Gosford LCAG rally 29 October 2014 medium

Heather Graham, PSA delegate from ADHC Hunter Region, addresses the rally

Heather Graham Gosford LCAG rally 29 October 2014 medium


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