Tara McCarthy reinstated at SES after ICAC vindication – The Sydney Morning Herald

Oct 27, 2014

State Emergency Service Deputy Commissioner Tara McCarthy has finally been reinstated.

Read the Sydney Morning Herald article HERE.

Penrith LCAG members on pledge drive for ADHC

Oct 24, 2014

Members of the Penrith LCAG marched to the office of Stuart Ayres today (24 October) to request he sign our pledge to stop the privatisation of Ageing Disability and Home Care services.

He declined.

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Government finally acts on ICAC finding regarding SES Deputy Commissioners sacking

Oct 24, 2014

PSA media release Government finally acts on ICAC finding regarding SES Deputy Commissioners sacking (PDF version)


The Baird Government has been forced to override its own employment contracts and finally reinstate the first female Deputy Commissioner of the State Emergency Services, whistleblower, Tara McCarthy after she was found to have been corruptly sacked said the Public Service Association (PSA).

In May this year, the ICAC found, for the first time under the Protected Information Disclosure Act, that a NSW public servant had been corruptly dismissed.

“This landmark decision by the ICAC should have immediately resulted in the reinstatement of Deputy Commissioner McCarthy,” said PSA General Secretary, Anne Gardiner.

“However, the employment contracts she and other senior NSW public servants are required to sign mean they can be sacked too easily and even if the sacking occurs under corrupt circumstances, reinstatement is almost impossible.”

“If Premier Baird is serious about preventing corruption in NSW then the first thing he should do is have these employment contracts rewritten so that senior public servants have an avenue of appeal if they are dismissed.”

“The Government has purposely worded these contracts so that senior public servants have no right of appeal if they are sacked. This Machiavellian trick is not acceptable if we want transparency in government.”

“This Government talks about wanting a public service which provides frank and fearless advice but these employment contracts are designed to make providing such advice very difficult,” said Ms Gardiner.

Deputy Commissioner McCarthy’s reinstatement was announced today and she commences duty on Monday 27 October 2014.

Positive outcomes

Oct 24, 2014

Tara McCarthy reinstatement a victory

For the last 18 months the PSA has been working to have Tara McCarthy, the first female deputy Commissioner in the history of the State Emergency Services reinstated after she was corruptly sacked.

Today, it has been announced that Deputy Commissioner McCarthy will return to her position.

This is an important win not only for Deputy Commissioner McCarthy, but also for the broader membership as it has given the PSA an opportunity to highlight the unfair nature of the contracts that thousands of public servants are being forced to sign.

The matter has also brought the Government’s attention to shortcomings in the Protected Information Disclosure (PID) Act.

Click HERE to read the PSA’s media release.

Government response to WorkCover Parliamentary Inquiry into bullying

Members may remember the unfair dismissal case fought by the PSA for Wayne Butler from WorkCover.

I forwarded damning sections of the Industrial Relations Commission’s judgement to all members on the day it was handed down by Deputy Commissioner Rodney Harrison.

This case then resulted in a broader parliamentary inquiry into bullying inside WorkCover, the workplace health and safety regulator.

Last Friday I received the Government’s positive response to the Parliamentary Inquiry.

Click HERE to view that response.

PSA delegates and members in WorkCover should be very proud of what they have achieved and for the way in which they have supported their fellow PSA member, Mr Butler.

It is worth noting that both of the above matters have been actively pursued in State Parliament by Greens Upper House MLC David Shoebridge and I would like to thank him for this support.

Response from Public Service Commissioner regarding temps

On 17 October, I emailed relevant members about serious concerns for temporary staff employed under the GSE Act.

The PSA has now received a response from the Public Service Commissioner acknowledging these concerns.

You can read that response HERE.

We will keep members informed of any further developments.

In Unity

Anne Gardiner
General Secretary
Public Service Association of NSW

Rallying support for ADHC on 13 November

Oct 24, 2014

On 23 October, a group of seven ADHC employees who are PSA members from the Sydney Local Campaign Action Group, came to the Unions NSW to address the weekly meeting about the rally on 13 November.


Sian Page (pictured) gave a rousing speech that questioned the privatisation of ADHC.

Sian Page (pictured) gave a rousing speech that questioned the privatisation of ADHC.

You can read her speech here:

Protection of the disadvantaged is the role of government if nothing else – so why are our clients, their families and we being jettisoned into the private sector?

Aging Disability and Home Care (ADHC) clients with disabilities, their families and the workers who support them to have better lives will be much worse-off unless this cynical and ideological privatisation is stopped.

The NDIS was introduced to improve choice, funding and quality of services available to people with disabilities.

Naturally – and it almost goes without saying – we support the principles of this important reform and improved funding and services for all people with disabilities.

But why the privatisation circus?

Not only is the NDIS – which is heralded as improving choice for clients – being used by the Government to narrow choice, but their ‘high-wire hypocrisy’ is being performed without a safety-net.

As if life was wasn’t tough enough for our clients and their families, how will they manage the inexperienced providers and carers, potential relocations, and inadequate infrastructure wrought by privatisation?

What about clients in rural and regional areas where NGOs don’t and won’t go?

What about clients with high and/or complex needs that NGOs will not accept?

The Government has also failed to commit to protect our job security, wages, conditions and entitlements.

Under the NSW NDIS Enabling Legislation 2013, we’ll be forced to transfer to an NGO without any job security or other entitlements.

We fill around half of the disability jobs in NSW, yet job insecurity may cause us to look for other work, lead to staff shortages and perplexingly leave the sector unable to deliver services that are actually heralded to grow under the NDIS.

It makes no sense to me at all.

Our clients and their families must be able to continue to choose ADHC as their provider of choice.

NDIS money must be spent directly on clients not ‘shifted’ and wasted, transferring what exists in ADHC to a less regulated and less experienced sector.

Our job security, pay, conditions and entitlements must be protected regardless.

Shame on the NSW Government for using the NDIS as a Trojan Horse to sell-off disability services.

Our clients, their families, we ADHC Disability Support Workers and taxpayers – the NDIS levy payers – deserve so much better than this.

Please help us stop a service delivery and workforce calamity in NSW Disability & Home Care Services by supporting our campaign including our rally at Parliament on 13 November.

Public servants moved back to city offices – The Sydney Morning Herald

Oct 23, 2014

The Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing is on the move again just 18 months after moving to Parramatta.

Read the Sydney Morning Herald article HERE



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