Compassionate Conservation: Is recreational hunting defensible?

Jan 14, 2013
Members who are concerned about the Government’s decision to allow recreational hunting in national parks may be interested in attending a forum at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) titled “Compassionate Conservation: Is recreational hunting defensible?” In this talk Emeritus Professor Marc Bekoff and Dr Daniel Ramp will discuss the compassionate conservation approach and its principles. …They will then apply these principles to examine the use of recreational hunting as a conservation tool to control invasive species in New South Wales. One of the big questions this lecture will address is “Does the reported conservation gain outweigh the animal welfare cost?” Details: 15 February 2013 18:00 – 19:45 City – Broadway University Hall Register online here
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Health and Safety Representative Training Course- February 2013

Jan 14, 2013

Dates: February 7th,  8th, 14th, 15th and 22nd

Location: PSA House, Sydney

This 5 day course is aimed to provide newly elected HSRs with relevant information and skills in order to undertake their role under the new Work Health and Safety legislation. The course allows HSRs to fully utilise their powers under the new safety laws.

Elibility Criteria – You must have been a democratically elected Health and Safety Representative (HSR). If you’d like to become a HSR please contact your organiser on (02) 9220 0900.

Cost $720 ($792 incl. GST) The employer (PCBU) must pay your course fees and provide you with adequate time to attend the course. Group discounts may apply for larger bookings.

Following attendance at either course the HSR will be entitled to a further 1 day of training each year.

If you are interested in the course being run in a different location or time please use the following link to express your interest For applications please email or contact Dr Pam Veivers on 92200988 or 0407407354

PSA Election Results 2012

Nov 5, 2012

The PSA elections were declared on Monday 5th November. The results are:


Anne Gardiner Workcover 4696 Elected
John Cahill Public Service Association 3969 ..



Leon Parissi TAFE 4236 ..
Sue Walsh Education & Communities 4264 Elected


GROUP A (Turner+O’Brien) above the line 4278 ..
Steve Turner Public Service Association 189 Elected
Shane O’Brien Public Service Association 157 Elected
GROUP B (Kirsten+Hawkins) above the line 3781 ..
Kirsten Cameron Legal Aid NSW 182 ..
Lindsay Hawkins Ageing Disability & Homecare 99 . .


GROUP A (Coleman, Hurry, Jess) above the line 3864 ..
Cassandra Coleman State Debt Recovery Office 70 Elected
Wendy Hurry Education & Communities 110 Elected
Nicole Jess Corrective Services 109 Elected
GROUP B (McLoughlin-Fullick,Kellner,Singleton) above the line 3697 ..
Margaret McLoughlin-Fullick TAFE 129 ..
Boyd Kellner Education & Communities 71
Jenny Singleton Corrective Services 92 ..


GROUP A – above the line 4799 45 elected
GROUP B – above the line 3659 ..
Those elected were:
Anne Gardiner, Workcover;
Paul Petersen, Trade and Investment;
Adrianne Harris, University of NSW;
Jenny Singleton, Corrective Services;
Kirsten Cameron, Legal Aid NSW;
Margaret McLoughlin-Fullick, TAFE;
Lindsay Hawkins, Ageing, Disability and Home Care;
Boyd Kellner, Education and Communities;
Leon Parissi, TAFE,
Jeffrey Walters, Attorney-General and Justice;
Lisa Webb, NSW Police Force;
Dianne Alchin, Education and Communities;
Mark Hutchinson, Corrective Services;
Anabel Morales Nogues, Family and Community Services;
Nicholas Neenan, Catchments and Lands;
Sadie Spencer, Attorney-General and Justice;
Margaret Jarosz, Health;
Christine Lloyd, Rural Fire Service;
Kelly Marks, NSW Parliament;
Michelle Bogatyrov, Housing;
Michael Carpenter, Attorney-General and Justice;
Robyn Ferguson, Education and Communities;
Josh Aldridge, Primary Industries;
Cate Lowe, Australian Museum;
Dot Heath, NSW Police Force;
Stephen O’Brien, TAFE;
Andrew Anthony, Education and Communities;
John Moratelli, Legal Aid NSW;
Andrew Brooks, Office of Water;
Peter Devine, Corrective Services;
Max Callaghan, University of Technology;
Colin Fraser, Workcover;
Judy Greenwood, Environment and Heritage;
Trish Leen, State Library;
Rebecca Reilly, Family and Community Services;
Jose Alvarado, Corrective Services;
Tundi Albrecht, Health Care Complaints Commission;
Danielle Castles, Legal Aid NSW;
Mitchell Neal, Education and Communities;
Joan O’Dwyer, Attorney-General and Justice;
Heather Jackson, Trade and Development;
Mark England, Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority;
Renee Kinimaka, Ageing, Disability and Home Care;
Trevor Snoxall, Corrective Services;
Jan Rorie, Juvenile Justice;
Kate Doherty, Roads and Maritime Services.

Participation by TAFE NSW employees in industrial action on 8 October 2012

Oct 5, 2012

DEC has just replied to our letter and has rescinded the original advice – see attached letter.

Further information:

Andrew Holland
Snr Industrial Officer
9220 0900

Letter from Director, Industrial Relations


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