Crown Solicitor’s Office – PSA meeting Open Plan Dispute

Jan 8, 2018

Crown Solicitor’s Office – PSA meeting Open Plan Dispute – January 2018 (PDF version)

Tuesday, 9 January 2018


Large Training Room, Level 5

A union meeting will be held to discuss options going forward in the open-plan dispute.

Members are strongly encouraged to attend and to send their ideas and thoughts to PSA Industrial Officer Andrew Wright and Organiser Surabi Alauddin (emails below).

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Exploitative consultants bleed NSW of billions

Jan 4, 2018

PSA General Secretary Stewart Little highlights the use of consultants by the NSW Government in an opinion piece in today’s Herald.

Read the full article HERE



Anti-Discrimination Board – PSA member update

Dec 22, 2017

Anti-Discrimination Board – restructure update – Dec 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA wrote to the Anti-Discrimination Board (ADB) to emphasise the ADB’s obligation to genuinely consult with members in relation to the restructure.  Read that letter HERE

This follows member concerns over the absence of proper consultation.  As a result of the letter, information was provided to the PSA at the last Joint Consultative meeting between the ABD and the PSA.

In the meeting:

  • The PSA highlighted that there had been endless speculation about the restructure, and some staff fear for the future and are concerned about what the restructure will mean to them
  • The PSA raised that fact that the downgrading of the Manager Enquiries and Conciliation is causing Education Branch staff concern as to what this will mean to their own roles. If there is no Grade 9/10, what will happen to the Grade 7/8 roles?
  • Kathrina Lo, the Deputy Secretary of Justice Services, advised that the Department is committed to a transparent process and consultation
  • The submission for draft structure and draft role descriptions will be provided to the Secretary for his approval in principle as soon as it is finalised. Ms. Lo clarified that the approval is for the draft structure and draft role descriptions to be released for consultation early in the new year. This was confirmed in a letter to the PSA
  • Staff will be invited to make suggestions for amendments they believe are required and Ms. Lo will consider these amendments
  • Lo reiterated that there will be genuine consultation and nothing is final until after the consultation
  • The Department will review the staff comments and will get back to staff with their feedback on those comments.

View the response of management to the PSA letter HERE.

The PSA will develop a structured consultation process with management in order to express the views of members. Member meetings in relation to the restructure will be organised in early 2018. A PSA bulletin outlining the relevant policies will be sent to members in January 2018.

Your PSA Delegate is:

Margaret White –

Your PSA Staff are:

Surabi Alauddin – PSA Organiser –

Monika Wunderlin – PSA Industrial Officer –


Trustee and Guardian/Office of Public Guardian 2018 meeting dates

Dec 22, 2017

Trustee and Guardian and Office of Public Guardian 2018 meeting dates – December 2017 (PDF version)

The PSA would like to wish members in Trustee and Guardian, as well as Office of Public Guardian, a safe and restful holiday period and looks forward to continuing to work in solidarity with you all in 2018.

2017 has certainly been a challenging year, particularly in Trustee and Guardian, with significant job cuts and the effects of the restructure taking their toll.

2018 will bring new workload challenges with continued changes and the rollout of the NDIS.

It is more important than ever that members remain as engaged as possible in the way their workplace is run.

Your Advisory Group delegates meet quarterly at PSA House to discuss and progress issues in the agency.

Along with PSA industrial staff, they also attend a monthly Joint Consultative Committee meeting with the management of Trustee and Guardian.

At Parramatta Justice Precinct, there have been regular monthly member meetings which will continue in 2018 as follows:

  • Room 4.04 (Level 4) from 12.00pm – 1.00pm
  • Wednesday 31 January
  • Thursday 8 March
  • Thursday 5 April
  • Wednesday 2 May
  • Wednesday 6 June
  • Wednesday 4 July
  • Wednesday 8 August
  • Wednesday 5 September
  • Wednesday 3 October
  • Thursday 1 November
  • Thursday 6 December

If you would like to organise a meeting or visit in your workplace, or get more involved as a workplace delegate, please contact:

Roland Harris – PSA Organiser

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Dec 22, 2017


The PSA continues to be inundated with complaints about ChildStory and there seems to be no end in sight.

The Department is just not listening and members have had enough.

See the PSA’s press release HERE.

Lunchtime Walkout

At a lunchtime meeting at St Marys CSC yesterday, members voiced their frustrations and concerns with a computer system that just does not work and staged a lunchtime walkout.

They told the PSA that children are not getting the service they require and this may lead to children being left in danger. See a photo from yesterday’s action HERE.


The PSA is also hearing that some carers and service providers have not been paid for Christmas.

Next steps

We consistently advised that ChildStory was not ready for implementation and now our worst fears are being realised.

The PSA issued the press release above on 20 December.

With your help, we will continue to highlight the risks to children and young people until the Department sees sense.

In the New Year, after seeking advice from members, we will consider industrial action and further strategies to keep child protection in safe hands.

Many other offices want to stage lunchtime walkouts. Please contact the MSC on 1300 772 679 and our Organisers will follow up with you in the New Year after the 8 January 2018.

Direction to PSA members at the Crown Solicitors Office: Industrial action to end at 5pm Friday 22 December 2017

Dec 22, 2017

Direction to PSA members at the Crown Solicitors Office – Industrial action to end at 5pm Friday 22 December 2017 (PDF version)

Following the decision of a meeting of members at the Crown Solicitors Office on 21 December, the PSA Executive directs members working at the Crown Solicitors Office to cease all industrial action from close of business (5pm) on Friday 22 December 2017.

Members reluctantly voted to accept the recommendation of the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) to cease their industrial action around the open plan proposal.

Members should take all steps to ensure that paper forms recording billable hours are available to be input after the first day back from the holiday closedown.

This means that if a member is not going to be back on that day, they must give their forms to a colleague who will be back to input on their behalf.

At a second dispute hearing at the IRC on 20 December 2017, Commissioner Newall maintained that the IRC does not have the jurisdiction to direct management to consult on the open-plan itself, that the industrial action be lifted, but that consultation is to continue.

Although Crown Solicitors management has not agreed to consult on the open plan proposal, the action has already been a success.

The majority of members participated in the industrial action, sending an unequivocal message rejecting management’s approach of ramming through open plan without listening to the serious objections raised by staff.

Members at the meeting discussed the next stage of our campaign, including returning to the Industrial Relations Commission, lobbying politicians, approaching the Department of Justice, circulating an employee survey, increasing the visibility of opposition through stickers, posters and badges and many more ideas.

The fight is by no means over.

The union is now in a stronger position as a result of this impressive demonstration of solidarity and determination by you, the members.

Your PSA delegates are:

Leigh Plater – Senior Solicitor (x 85377)

Teri Southwell – Legal & Financial Administration Officer (x 85410)

Your PSA staff are:

Surabi Alauddin – PSA Organiser

Andrew Boulton – PSA Industrial Officer

Andrew Wright – PSA Industrial Officer

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