Central Council Decisions relating to Women’s Council

CC88/12    (December 2012)

“That this meeting resolves that an election for Women’s Council be held as soon as possible in 2013.

That Central Council review the By-Laws which includes realigning the electorates for Women’s Council to reflect the current department structures in the NSW Public Service and the disposition of women members at 31 December 2012 as advised by the General Secretary.”

CC48/13   (April 2013)

“Central Council thanks the members of the Women’s Council Committee for their commitment to the female members of the PSA over their term.

Central Council resolution of December 2012 which states that elections be held as soon as possible must be upheld.

Central Council endorses WC2013/015 resolution to create an Electorate Committee to facilitate the overdue 2013 elections.

Central Council requests the Electorate Committee to recommend the electorates for the elections to reflect the structures within the Public Service.

Central Council requests that the PSA Women’s Industrial Officer report the recommendation from the Electorate Committee to the General Secretary two weeks prior to the June 2013 Central Council meeting to allow a July 2013 election.

Accordingly, the June 2013 Women’s Council will be the last meeting of the current Women’s Council Committee.”