Aug 27, 2013

Charles Sturt University CPSU Bargaining Report 10

Last week the CPSU, United Voice and NTEU met with CSU management for 2 days to finalise the proposed Enterprise Agreement. During this time, all matters were (mostly)* finalised and the bargaining representatives for all parties (during that meeting)* came to an ‘in-principle’ agreement on your proposed conditions for the next 3+ years.

*Update 30-08-13* The NTEU have requested a clarification to this report. There does remain a few minor adjustments to some wording in some clauses. Also after the last EB meeting, the NTEU state office over-ruled the decision made by their local delegates, the bargaining representatives for NTEU members at CSU, over the agreed pay offer. They have requested that this report be updated to reflect that the NTEU no longer has reached an in-princple agreement at CSU.

These are ‘in-principle’ only as the CPSU needs to discuss these changes with members across CSU to see if this meets their expectations. CPSU members at CSU (and only CPSU members at CSU) have the power to direct us, their bargaining representatives, to return to renegotiate on any proposed clauses in the draft Agreement that members at CSU want changed.

As promised in the last few weeks to all CSU staff, the CPSU reported to the meeting last week the responses from what CSU staff told us you wanted for pay rises for the next few years. Over 400 CSU staff told us what they wanted, and these results are below. We promised that we would be transparent about our claims on your behalf, and this is what you and your colleagues have told us.

Over 400 CSU staff have told us that you want:

  • 51% said that they would accept 2.5% or less; and
  • 83% said that they would accept 3% or less.

After long discussions (and many phone calls) by management representatives during the Wednesday EB meeting last week, Charles Sturt Uni, the CPSU, United Voice and the NTEU bargaining representatives all agreed during the meeting to ‘in-principle’ pay rises for you for the next 3+ years, as follows.

  • 1.5% April 2013 (paid) and 1.4% December 2013 – 2.9%
  • 3% December 2014
  • 3% December 2015
  • 3% December 2016

This reflects what CSU staff and CPSU members have been saying. This is 12.57% cumulative in pay rises until the end of December 2016. Across the 4 years, Jan 2013-Dec 2016, this reflects a 3.14% per year cumulative. We will now be organising meeting with CPSU members to go through the finalised draft Agreement to see if all changes are acceptable, and if we’ve missed anything, and if all is ok, the proposed Agreement will go out to ballot to final approval. Later this week, the CPSU will have a draft summary of all proposed changes on our website.

Thank you everyone for your feedback and input, and your CPSU Bargaining Team hopes that we have produced results that closely meets your needs.

For those who want to support your CPSU, your Professional Staff Union for CSU, you can Join the CPSU/PSA here:

In Solidarity,

Your CPSU Bargaining Team
John Jones,
Wayne Marr,
Natalie Alison,
Blake Stephens


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