Feb 1, 2013

Charles Sturt University Negotiations Update No. 1

Negotiations Update No. 1

The CPSU Bargaining team met with CSU management and other unions over Tuesday and Wednesday this week. As is normal for most initial EB meetings, much time was spent on administration; working out meeting schedules, funding for staff representatives to be able to attend.

Management and Unions went through the various Logs of Claims from all unions but CSU didn’t present any claims they wanted. They did say may raise claims during negotiations or present a comprehensive Log later. We will let members know either way.

The CPSU requested an Administrative Pay Rise of 2% to be provided in March 2013, which is when the usual pay rise would be due. This would ensure General Staff are not disadvantaged while negotiations go forward. CSU is yet to respond but said they would genuinely consider it.

United Voice raised issues regarding the equitable implementation of training and development as many of their security guard members were not being supported. Discussions identified that the previous agreement allowed a gap for ensuring level 3 general staff and below have a training/development plan in place, and access to electronic notices and information leaves a number of General Staff out of the loop. CSU will look at how to improve this and the CPSU and other unions will consider how to improve the implementation of training and development for all General Staff.

Indigenous Employment was discussed and it was agreed that it was important to develop and ensure CSU seriously implemented good policies increasing the number of indigenous  General Staff and academic members of the University along with the student and graduate members of the University. Formal recognition and support in the Agreement will be developed to ensure indigenous General Staff and Academic Members are increased in numbers and increased in status and management within the University membership and General Staff employees.

How General Staff are referred to across the University is up for review. Not that long ago we were all referred to as “non-academic staff”. This was changed after much discussion to “General Staff” to ensure the great diversity of all employees who support the entire University membership was including in our classification.

As General Staff are becoming more and more professional in nature and in status within our educational communities many are seeking for this to be recognised.  However the life long issue of diversity remains, and while we are all ‘professional’ in doing our jobs, not everyone wants to identify as such. So we want to ask everyone what you think about how we are called. Should we be Professional Staff? Or should we be a bit more inclusive. The discussions at the EB table leant towards “Professional General Staff” but the decision is yours, as we all have to live with it!

Please let us know what your preference is? Some ideas flagged are below, so please choose your preferences.  We have created an online survey for all staff to have their say, the link is https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RDZTXQ5. And if you have any other ideas, also let us know so we can discuss and consider these at the EB meeting.

The suggestions are;

Professional Staff
Professional Support Staff
Professional and Technical Staff
Professional General Staff

Please complete the survey and let us know what you want, as always what happens at the negotiation table is directly guided by our members.

To be discussed next time:
Academic workloads (which the CPSU hopes to ensure doesn’t increase General Staff workloads);
Bullying in the workplace, and Leave conditions including Domestic Violence leave, which the CSPU won for the first time in Higher Education in the last round.

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Wayne Marr – Negotiation team delegate, wmarr@csu.edu.auJohn Jones – Negotiation team delegate, jjones@csu.edu.au Nathan Bradshaw – Organiser, nbradshaw@psa.asn.au      Blake Stephens – Industrial Officer, bstephens@psa.asn.au


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