Nov 8, 2017

CPSU NSW Enterprise Bargaining update for UNE Professional Staff

CPSU NSW Enterprise Bargaining update for UNE Professional Staff – November 2017 (PDF version)

This week marked our eighth meeting for Professional Staff bargaining and, despite our continued efforts, UNE seems to be stalling the process with its unwillingness to table draft clauses and information. We are quite concerned this may be a tactic to lead to termination of the agreement. If this happens, ALL the PAY and CONDITIONS we enjoy that have been gained from previous rounds of bargaining will be LOST and negotiations will restart from the award. This is a place we definitely do not want to go.

In response, CPSU NSW has provided draft clauses, and a list of current clauses to which all three parties have indicated that they seek “no significant change”. We hope to come to “in principle” agreement on the “no change” clauses at the next meeting.

A serious concern to all our members, brought to the table by UNE management, is the desire to scale back long service leave accrual after
15 years’ service.
Comparisons show that we are well matched with our university sector peers on this one. Your bargaining team will be fighting hard to keep this condition as it is.

UNE management has indicated it wants to make sweeping changes to fixed-termed employment for Professional Staff. Its focus will make it seem like this is a much better alternative to casual employment. What the university doesn’t want you to see is that this is an erosion of permanent employees.

UNE is not trying to improve conditions for casual staff as it will claim and focus on, it is trying to minimise permanent staff in exchange for fixed-term employees without long term job security.

There was also broad discussion around the Unsatisfactory Performance, PPDR, Misconduct and Domestic Violence clauses. Some progress was made in negotiating outcomes on these topics, however final judgement will be reserved until we see the actual draft clauses on the table.

The next EB meeting will be in a fortnight and we will update you then. Until then, read between the lines any official UNE EB communications. A bit of skepticism will not lead you astray. If you have any questions or would like to help us out, contact your CPSU delegates.

Please note, CPSU NSW members are also members of the Public Service Association of NSW. The PSA is the Associated Body that resources and manages the CPSU NSW

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