Mar 14, 2013

CSU Enterprise Bargaining Update #3

Your Enterprise Bargaining team met with the University representatives and other union reps over Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

We reviewed what had been discussed last time, and much of the discussion was repeating last meeting. While a little frustrating, it didn’t hold everything up completely.

No Administrative Pay Rise of 2% – Yet!

This was raised, again. And again there was no clear answer. We were told that it would be decided before Easter.

It has been a while since the last pay rise, and we don’t want this to be delayed! Negotiations are not being held up. No one is demanding unreasonable claims. There is no reason to hold off on a pay rise that is due!

Please let the VC know that you think all CSU staff are due the 2% pay rise!

Email the VC on ; tweet him at @drpievann or on Facebook at  and ask that there is no delay to the 2% admin pay rise!

New Parental Leave – More for Dads

The University is offering a new, 20 weeks of paid parental leave for the primary carer or new born children. This will mainly affect Dads who are the primary carers but also other non-traditional parents. read more 

Increased Defence Reserve Leave

CSU has agreed to increase defence reserve leave from 2 weeks to 12 weeks. The first 2 weeks remains full pay, and the new 10 weeks will be as top up pay. This is the difference between your military pay and what you would normally earn.

Staff will also be able to negotiate longer periods of paid leave (top up pay) on a case by case basis. For example, for extra specialist training or voluntary deployment.

Long Service Leave – accurate daily count!

CSU has agreed to change how Long Service Leave is calculated, from calendar days to working days. The use of ‘calendar’ days has caused much confusion for many people. Every 5 days of LSL you take, another 2 days is used for the weekend. When these are taken off, staff often get annoyed! Its reasonable to think that when you lose 2 days of LSL, it was taken off wrongly! read more

Bullying across the University

CSU is very concerned about bullying, and has understood the importance this has for members as you have indicated. There is a new program being rolled out which will help train staff, and work units, to identify what is bullying, what is wrong behaviour that leads to bullying, and strategies to reduce and limit workplace bullying. This will be supported by more strategies as further negotiations continue. Respect in the workplace is essential.

Domestic Violence Leave

CSU strongly argued against, as they considered that the policy would be enough, and that the current policy in Canada could be extended. The CPSU claims that it will not be enough, and that it would not work.

The Australian Domestic and Family Violence Clearing House has developed clear guidelines for what is required in an industrial instrument. This is based on considerable research on what actually works, and why these aspects need to be in an enforceable workplace condition. read more 

Other Matters Discussed

Flex Time – staff with over 100 hours, and ensuring flex time is paid out. read more  

Change Management – extra notice of the start, more people consulted. read more  

Special/Compassionate Leave – 2 days per occasion, unlimited. read more

ECC – will meet more often and be more engaged over University matters.

Broad-Banding – in depth discussions over University’s concerns, CPSU to draft claim. read more  

Indigenous Language Allowance – has been agreed to.

The University agreed to introduce an Indigenous Language Allowance, scaled at rates comparable to other Universities. The final details will be confirmed at the next EB meeting.

Child Care Claim – NTEU’s claim for fully funded child care not agreed.

The University rejected this claim and outlined the full level of support already provided for staff and students. Many child care places are available for both staff and students, with more centres being built by the University.

Definition of Family – this was already agreed, but was re-discussed and agreed again.

The definition of family member will be extended to include close affiliations for whom the staff member has an essential caring responsibility for. The wording for this meant to be brought by the University to this meeting, but will now be tabled at the next EB meeting.


John Jones, Wayne Marr, Nathan Bradshaw, Blake Stephens


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