Apr 4, 2013

CSU – Enterprise Bargaining Update #4 – Albury

Your CPSU Enterprise Bargaining negotiators met with the University representatives this week in an attempt to progress negotiations for a new Agreement. Your CPSU EB negotiators at the Albury meeting were John Jones and Kylie Kent, supported by Blake Stephens.

During the meeting, we also found out that our claim for an administrative pay rise for CSU staff had been agreed to! All Professional General Staff across CSU will be given a 1.5% pay rise, effective from 12 April and paid around the 25th April.

University Management started this week’s negotiations by suddenly claiming that they were costing them too much, in giving your Bargaining Reps the time off to attend meetings and represent you at the table. As a compromise, they requested that we all meet for 5 straight days in May to try to get the whole Agreement resolved. Many of our members had given feedback that a fair bit of the Agreement was ok, and could be rolled over. But there are matters that members’ really did express concerns over, and these issues must be fixed up!

University Management reps asked that everyone put on the table what the ‘absolutely essential’ features were for any new Agreement to be reached. These are outlined below, along with the University Bargaining Reps’ responses to the claims.

What we need from CPSU Members, is to know if these matters below meet your key needs, along with rolling over the other conditions, with a number of improvements already gained with possibly a few more to come with ongoing negotiations.

  1.    Job Security – Strengthened Redeployment & Change Management
  2.    The Removal of Stand Down with NO Pay for Professional General Staff
  3.    Domestic Violence Leave & Protections
  4.    Flextime – Guaranteed payouts
  5.    the Introduction of Broad-banding (or Dual Classification) Positions
  6.    And as always, decent pay rises!

The CPSU will soon be asking members what an acceptable pay rise would be and how much you want us to ask for.

Only CPSU members will have a say in how much pay we lobby for!

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In the meantime, please let us know if these matters listed above are important to you, and if there are any other key, essential improvements that you feel are needed for the new Agreement you are about to make with the University Management for the next few years. Email us on csu@psa.asn.au


The EB Negotiators’ ‘Must Have’ Claims – This is not the total of what everyone is asking for, but the absolute minimum of what is believed is needed for any new Agreement. While each group has a number of different claims, each of the Unions are also supporting each others’ claims. Visit our website for full details on what everyone’s ‘Must Have’ Claims are here



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