Tuesday, 26 September 2017

DFSI – KPIs for managers to reduce your unplanned leave

DFSI – KPIs for managers to reduce your unplanned leave – September 2017 (PDF version)

Concerns have been expressed by members across DFSI on the implementation of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for managers. One KPI encourages managers to reduce your rate of unplanned leave. In essence, a manager’s performance is being measured against how much of your unplanned leave they are able to reduce.

This is wholly inappropriate. Implementing such KPIs for managers will inevitably lead to management practices which conflict with sick leave and FACS leave entitlements.

Examples of this practice have recently been brought to the attention of the PSA, including examples of staff being pressured to use a portion of recreation leave in instances where they have applied for a period of carer’s/FACS leave.

The PSA has raised this matter directly with DFSI Secretary Martin Hoffman at the September Joint Consultative Committee meeting, expressing our concerns with this policy.

If you have been pressured by your manager in this way, please notify your union delegate. Where a member has been pressured to use rec leave in instances where they were entitled to access sick/carers or FACS leave, the PSA will advocate to recredit that leave.