Election Nomination Forms

A significant number of our members are represented through Vocational Advising Branches which have been formed because of the occupational uniqueness of those members. Many have their own awards covering their particular employment conditions.

Members can also be represented through Workplace Groups, which are geographically – based, eg members in one building, sometimes with more then one agency involved. These usually deal with local management and local issues.

Elections for delegates to WPGs and VBS are conducted by the PSA’s Returning Officer. The Returning Officer is on 9220 0915 or GPO Box 3365, Sydney NSW 2001.

Nominations are sought for election of delegates every few years. Calls for nomination are published in Red Tape. The timetable is not rigid – events such as department restructure can cause considerable delays.

The nomination form, which requires some details, such as names, signatures of nominees and nominators, candidate information, etc, can be downloaded from the PDF document below.

Election Nomination Form found HERE.



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