Mar 1, 2013

UNE Bargaining Report 3

At the last Professional staff bargaining meeting the University confirmed what the CPSU has been saying for several months – UNE want to reduce your entitlement to annual leave, sick leave and personal leave.

UNE wants to:

  take away one week of your annual leave (each year)

  cap your paid sick leave at 10 weeks a year

  cut your Personal & Family leave by 10 days.

The CPSU pressed the University to provide us with all supporting evidence they have to justify this attack on your conditions.

So far they have given us nothing.

They conceded at the meeting the only logic used to cut your conditions is that they either wanted to:

  1. align your conditions to those of UNE academics, and/or
  2. align your conditions to the “industry” standard.

We believe this is a bit hypocritical given the message behind the Universty’s Little Boxes TV Ad.

Why is it that “sameness” is bad if you want to study at UNE but good if you are a member of the Professional Staff of UNE?

What do we want?

  1. The University to give genuine consideration to the claims that the CPSU have put forward on behalf of CPSU members. All of our claims are well researched, practical winnable and we believe well supported by professional staff.
  1. The University to disclose all relevant information. This includes providing the CPSU with a response to our 16 requests (see CPSU bargaining Report number 2) as well as the financial modelling they have surely undertaken to back up the attack on your leave conditions.

STOP PRESS – PSA/CPSU Journey Protection Scheme

From March 2013, all UNE CPSU members will be covered by the PSA Journey Protection Scheme.

This is exciting news and will ensure that all CPSU members will once again be covered if you suffer an injury travelling to or from work.

The PSA Journey Protection Scheme will provide income support for those who are full financial members of the PSA/CPSU at the time of the incident. It will provide income protection up to 85% for up to two years.

More information


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