Mar 6, 2015

Our jobs are not for sale!

ServiceFirst bulletin 6 March 2015 (PDF version)

PSA members have said it loud and clear

Just like members in disability services, TAFE colleges and electricity, PSA members have spoken out in opposition to the privatisation of ServiceFirst.

At meetings in both McKell and Parramatta this week, members voiced their dismay at being sold out by a Government that is forging ahead with plans to outsource and offshore ServiceFirst jobs.

The Sydney Morning Herald has this morning revealed that every outsourced model under consideration involves the offshoring of local jobs. What’s worse, the Government prefers the plan with the maximum pain for NSW workers.

Read The Sydney Morning Herald article HERE.

In response to these new details, PSA General Secretary Anne Gardiner reiterated what members have been saying:

“The 300 jobs in line to be lost in ServiceFirst are just the tip of the iceberg in the plans of this Government and the big businesses lining up to outsource and offshore work.”

What’s next?

Members are already standing together in opposition to these plans. At meetings this week the following motion was moved and unanimously supported by all members in attendance:

The Members of Service First – Office of Finance & Services do not support or assist the Vendors in any other Due Diligence or Workplace information or any assessment process until the Department & Government commits ceasing the off shore outsourcing program and keeps all jobs within NSW”.

This motion will be put to further meetings of PSA ServiceFirst members over the next week.

Following this, the PSA will decide on a course of action and inform members accordingly.

We will hold further meetings in the coming days to talk about what specific action we can take following on from this motion.

Outside of the workplace you can take up the fight in the community as well. The PSA will be doorknocking in the seat of Strathfield on Saturday 14 March to talk to voters about this Government’s agenda of privatisation and job cuts. It’s jobs like those in ServiceFirst that are currently at stake so make sure your voice is heard. Sign up HERE.

What else?

The PSA is open to continuing discussions directly with the Department about their management of this process.

Read the responses provided on 18 February to our questions HERE.


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