Member Benefits-

PSA membership gives you more than just support in the workplace. Members can also benefit from a number of non-industrial member benfits. Some are supplied by the PSA, others by organisations with which we are associated.

Union Shopper

The PSA’s arrangement with Union Shopper gets great shopping deals for members on items such as groceries, white goods, cars and holidays.


We’ve got your back: as a PSA member, you are covered by a number of insurance policies.

Journey and personal accident insurance

All members are covered by journey insurance (which is no longer offered by your employer) and personal accident insurance.

Family accident insurance

For only $11 a year, personal accident insurance can be extended to your family.


Check out our exclusive banking deals for members, including lower interest rates on home loans. Benefits include:

  • Discounted home loan interest rates
  • Discounted rates on credit cards
  • Discounted rates on personal loans
  • Discounted rates on overdrafts.

Legal Service

Whether it is a work-related legal issue or one that affects your home life, members have access to one free initial consultation and a free will-drawing service.

Provident Fund

All members are entitled to the benefits of Provident Fund. The fund pays out a one-off sum in the event of a holder’s death. Conditions apply.

SCU Credit Voucher

This vouchers entitles a PSA or CPSU NSW member to a complimentary obligation-free initial consultation with a Bridges financial planner to the value of $330.

PSA Scholarship

Children of members are entitled to apply for a scholarship valid at any Australian university. Conditions apply.

Workers Health Centre

We recommend the Workers Health Centre, which is is an accredited rehabilitation provider with a medical rehabilitation team.

Its medical rehabilitation team includes doctors, a physiotherapist, occupational hygienist, psychologist, ergonomist, migrant services officer and welfare worker.

WHC provides a work health and safety service which includes screening and investigations of workplaces.

Welfare Rights Centre

The Welfare Rights Centre, Sydney (WRC) is a community legal centre dealing with social security matters.

Members can obtain assistance from the centre on all social services – family allowances, sickness, births and deaths, child maintenance payments, childcare, Austudy, sole parenting, relatives coming out from overseas and unemployment benefits.

Citizen Watches

PSA members receive a 30 per cent discount on its products.

10 Good Reasons to Join the PSA