Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions – Organisation Wide Restructure (Early Appropriate Guilty Pleas)

Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions – Organisation Wide Restructure (Early Appropriate Guilty Pleas) – March 2018 (PDF version)

As members will be aware, your union, the PSA, wrote to the ODPP about the Early Appropriate Guilty Plea restructure on 20 February 2018. You can view that letter HERE. The letter details issues raised by members during PSA workplace visits.

We have received a response from the Director which can be viewed HERE. The response includes role descriptions for the Managing Lawyer (found HERE) and Trial Advocate positions (found HERE). However, we have still not received the change management plan. In the change management plan, the ODPP needs to consider the effects of the restructure on such matters as, part time arrangements, flexible working practices, the possibility of voluntary redundancies and the overall change process on the organisation.

There appear to be inconsistencies between what members have been told during the road shows and what has been received by the PSA as official correspondence. Particularly, some members where told during road shows that all positions would be advertised internally and advertising externally will be the last option. This contradicts what the Director has written in his response. As many members are aware, external advertising for roles has already begun.

The Director has also suggested jobs losses out of the restructure will be minimal. However, this does not include level 1 and 2 temporary lawyer appointments. Another related issue is the number of proposed staff at offices; with members concerned about being under resourced.

We have contacted the ODPP about these issues and will be reiterating them in formal correspondence.

Members can continue to provide feedback to the PSA during visits, and we have now set up a link where you can send a written response. Please provide feedback via the survey.

Finally, members should note that, if the need arises, the PSA will seek the assistance of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission in relation to this restructure.

PSA Meetings and Visits – ODPP PSA Member Involvement in your union

Your union will continue to visit ODPP offices to gather feedback during the change process.

As a member-driven union it is important that members in the workplace actively get involved in their Union. We encourage members working in all roles including – Administration, Legal and Policy to get involved. If would like more information on what being a delegate or contact will entail, please contact Bart McKenzie

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Bart McKenzie – PSA Senior Organiser

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