Office of State Revenue decision reversed thanks to PSA media pressure

Following media pressure from the PSA, the Office of State Revenue (OSR) have reversed a decision that would have seen roles in the new Gosford office filled through natural attrition in the Lithgow and Maitland Collection Centres.

The plan was that as positions became vacant over the next 20 months, they would not be replaced at Lithgow and Maitland but instead be filled in Gosford.

The PSA had already expressed our concerns to management at the Peak Consultative Committee on 16 May around the loss of jobs from Lithgow and Maitland, and urged them to expand their presence in Lithgow and Maitland, rather than retract.

The PSA subsequently did an ABC Radio interview about the issue just before midday on Wednesday 31 May.

Then just before 4.30pm that day, Stephen Brady, Deputy Secretary, Office of State Revenue issued a statement to the media which reversed their planned move:

“We have listened to feedback from the community and staff members in the Office of State Revenue (OSR) about the Lithgow and Maitland Collection Centre positions moving to the new Gosford office through natural attrition.

Following consideration of this feedback, we have decided not to move the Collection Centre positions in Lithgow and Maitland to the new Gosford office through natural attrition. These positions will remain in their current locations.”

Your PSA delegates have worked particularly hard to place pressure upon management to reverse their original short-sighted decision.

This is not just a great win for members but a win for the communities of Lithgow and Maitland.