Nov 21, 2013

PSA – Defending Disability Services – UPDATE

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NSW Enabling) Bill 2013 has passed State Parliament and clears the path for the privatisation of disability services in NSW.

The legislation was put to Parliament without any negotiation with the unions.

The State Government is using the implementation of the NDIS scheme to cover the fact it is privatising disability services.

The primary issues arising from the privatisation are the:

  • loss of client services provided by the public sector
  • loss of job security
  • effect on the wages and conditions of our members.

On 18 November, the PSA met with representatives from the NSW Nurses Association and United Voice following a lack of information and consultation regarding the NDIS.

It is alarming that such enormous changes are occurring in ADHC without an apparent plan or any concrete information on how the services will be delivered and how staff will be protected.

The PSA will fight the privatisation of ADHC and the loss of publicly provided services to people with disabilities and their families.

The PSA is currently seeking a contact person in each and every ADHC worksite to help us share information and distribute bulletins.

If you are interested in being a contact, please email and/or contact your local Organiser.


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