Aug 18, 2015

PSA extends ADHC work bans in Nepean – Blue Mountains District

PSA extends work bans in Nepean – Blue Mountains district August 2015 (PDF version)

PSA members in the Nepean-Blue Mountains District have voted to extend work bans associated with the transition of disability services to the private sector.

The move comes in response to NSW Government’s failure to provide adequate guarantees on affordability, availability and quality of client services, or staff employment protections post transfer.

ADHC members in the Nepean-Blue Mountains District are directed not to participate in, undertake or complete the following activities:

  • Vehicle log books
  • Client Map and Master Roster Building Tool
  • Performance Development Program (PDP)
  • Client-related TRIM
  • Ministerial and briefing notes – non-client related
  • Minimum Systems Data (MDS) entries on Client Information System (CIS)
  • Direct contact/communication with NDIA staff or their agents
  • Providing NDIA-related information to ADHC management or the NDIA or their agents
  • Attending ADHC, NDIA/NDIS or their agents’ internal meetings
  • Attending transition-related planning meetings
  • Forwarding on NDIA/NDIS correspondence

Members should not complete similar administrative activities designed to capture banned information.


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