Jan 22, 2018

Rail Strike next Monday 29 January 2018

Sydney Trains workers have decided to take strike action on Monday 29 January 2018.

Whilst negotiations have been ongoing for months, there may be a resolution prior to next week.

In the event that the strike goes ahead, members have the following rights.

Members within the Public Sector have provisions under the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2009 for major transport disruptions.

Employees can choose to:

  1. Apply to your manager for a temporary variation of working hours on the day of the strike (such as starting late and finishing late to accommodate transport by congested roads e.g. part drive to work and then interchange with a bus for the final leg)
  2. Negotiate an alternative work location (such as working from home or an office closer to home); or
  3. Take Flex Leave or other types of leave to cover the day.  If no other options are available, you may be able to take FACS Leave.

Members covered by Agency specific Awards or Federal Agreements should check the relevant clause to see if there are any additional entitlements they can access.

Members are encouraged to discuss their options with their manager as early as possible to ensure alternative arrangements are in place.

Members contacting the PSA on the day of the strike should be mindful that staff will be similarly affected by the action.

The PSA apologises in advance for any disruption to Member Services on the day.

For a more detailed discussion of the rail strike go to PSA’s facebook page @PSANSW HERE.





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