Value Added Services

PSA membership gives you more than just support in the workplace. Members can also benefit from a number of non-industrial value-added services. Some are supplied by the PSA, others by organisations with which we are associated.

10 Good Reasons to Join the PSA

Download the “10 Good Reasons to Join the PSA” flyer HERE.

 Union Shopper

Discounts on a wide range of products and services from cars, whitegoods and computers to travel, wine and restaurants.

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Member insurance

As a PSA member, you are automatically covered by a number of insurance policies.

Journey Personal Accident Insurance
Personal Injury Insurance
Provident Fund

In addition, you can choose to opt-in to:

Personal Injury Insurance for the immediate family of members

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 ACTU Member Connectlogo_-_actu_-_sml_1

ACTU Member Connect offers a number of services to benefit union members. These include Members Equity home loans and financial advice as well as discounts on car rental, tyres, wines, etc.

 Footy tipping competitions

SCU and ACTU Member Connect offer footy tipping competitions.

Entry is free. There are usually weekly, end of season, and other prizes. The catch is they would like you to be a customer, so you will be on their mailing list for promotional material.

 PSA legal service

Members of the PSA have access to a legal service provided by solicitors, McNally Jones Staff .  This service extends beyond your working life to any time you require the services of a solicitor.

The first consultation is free.

To make an appointment, call 9233 4744 and quote your PSA membership number.

Services provided include work injuries, anti-discrimination, wills (free), probate, accidents, criminal law, employment law, defamation, unfair dismissals, commercial law, redundancies, etc. For matters not covered, e.g. family law, McNally Jones Staff will refer the member to an appropriate lawyer.

McNally Jones Staff is an accredited specialist in employment and industrial law.

Note: Legal representation of PSA members for work related matters must be referred to PSA industrial staff in the first instance.  They will advise if a lawyer is required and legal representation is then arranged and paid for by PSA.

 PSA scholarship

1. The Scholarship is available at any Australian university in any course.
2. The Scholarship is restricted to students entering the first year of a full-time course. They must have sat their HSC the previous year.
3. The Scholarship is restricted to children of members of the Association at the time of application who have been continuous financial members for the previous five years.
4. The Scholarship will have a value of $850 per annum.
5. The Scholarship will be awarded in the first instance for one year and will be re-awarded annually for a maximum period of three years. A scholar’s tenure shall be subject to a satisfactory report as to his/her progress and conduct.
6. The Scholarship will be awarded on results obtained in Higher School Certificate Examination and Assessment or equivalent and the award will take into account whether or not the applicant is the holder of a scholarship, traineeship, etc.
7. Subject to the provisions of Condition No. 6, the highest marks and assessment and/or aggregate will be the deciding factor in the award.

Application forms are available HERE or from Sandra Lockey, Executive Assistant at the PSA on (02) 9220 0982.


 Welfare Rights CentreWelfare Rights Centre

The Welfare Rights Centre, Sydney (WRC) is a community legal centre dealing with welfare matters.

Members can obtain assistance from the Centre on all social services – family allowances, sickness, births and deaths, child maintenance payments, childcare, Austudy, sole parenting, relatives coming out from overseas, unemployment, etc.

The Centre can be contacted on (02) 9211 5300 or 0018 226 028.

For further information go to:
National Welfare Rights Network – there are centres in Sydney, Wollongong, and Canberra.
Welfare Rights Centre, Sydney

 Workers Health Centreworkershealthcentrelogo2

WHC is an accredited rehabilitation provider with a medical rehabilitation team that includes doctors, a physiotherapist, occupational hygienist, psychologist, ergonomist, migrant services officer and welfare worker.

WHC provides a work health and safety service which includes screening and investigations of workplaces.

WHC are located at 12 Railway Street, Lidcombe, phone (02) 9749 7666, fax 9749 7566 or go to their website.

 Evatt Foundation

The Evatt Foundation is a think-tank commissioned by the PSA, CPSU, othbn_evatter unions, businesses and governments to research and produce reports.

The Evatt Foundation is named in honour of Dr. Herbert Vere Evatt, Member of the NSW Parliament (late 1925-29), High Court Judge (1930-40), External Affairs Minister and Attorney General in the Curtin and Chifley Governments (1941-49), Deputy Prime Minister under Chifley (1946-49), First President of the United Nations General Assembly (1948-49), Leader of the Labor Opposition during the 1950s, and Chief Justice of the NSW Supreme Court (1960-62).

The Evatt Foundation was established in 1979.


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