Feb 7, 2018

RMS – An alternative mathematical universe where 10 – 1 = 10

RMS – An alternative mathematical universe where 10-1=10 – February 2018 (PDF version)

The PSA (delegate Tim Smith, Organiser Ian Braithwaite and Assistant General Secretary Troy Wright) met with Melinda Bailey, Roger Weeks, RMS HR/IR and a representative of Minister Pavey’s office on Friday 2 February 2018. This meeting was in regard to concerns raised by your union in the media regarding staffing levels in the Compliance & Regulatory Services Division.

A copy of the correspondence to the Minister on the issue can be found HERE.

RMS immediately disputed the figures provided by the PSA with regard to vacancies. When asked what it believed to be the accurate staff establishment was when it got truly bizarre.

RMS claims that in January 2015 there were 233 Compliance Operations Inspectors, which slightly rose to 241 in January 2017 and currently sits this month at 231.

This means, according to RMS that, despite the fact it conceded there has been no recruitment in the past three years, its staff establishment has remained static, and sometimes has miraculously increased!

Short of a cloning machine, the PSA is bewildered how this is possible.

RMS was told in no uncertain terms that its numbers made no sense. Resignations and retirements are occurring across the public sector – to suggest that there have been none in three years among Inspectors is ludicrous.

To do so in the face of details we provided of people we knew who had retired in the past few years was disingenuous.

It was put to Ms Bailey that the figures she had been provided were just positions and not actual Inspectors, and that many of these positions were as the PSA had asserted, sitting vacant. She agreed to look further into it and provide further detail on how the figure was arrived at, on the proviso the PSA provide the position numbers of those vacancies we were aware of.

We look forward to this response.

Issues regarding the Safe-T-Cam infrastructure, the auditing of defects and the transition to the NHVR were also raised on your behalf in the meeting.

In regard to the latter, and notwithstanding some informal communication to the contrary, Ms Bailey advised they do not anticipate any persons, including those in non-inspector roles, to be transferred to the NHVR this year. The PSA strongly recommended that communication to this effect be put out to all employees in light of other information being circulated.

Members will be advised of further developments through workplace meetings with their Organiser, Ian Braithwaite.

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United we bargain, divided we beg.



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