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Southern Cross University staff are questioning their futures, after the Vice Chancellor announced voluntary redundancies – blaming federal government funding cuts.

Here’s an NBN news interview with Southern Cross University branch president Toni about job cuts.

CPSU SCU members call for answers – Where did the money go?

Southern Cross University staff have been dismayed by the “All Staff” announcement regarding the dire financial circumstances at Southern Cross University.

The CPSU met with members on 1st May to discuss the announcement and their concerns about further budget cuts, job losses and the general low morale of staff at the University.

The outcome of the discussions is that the CPSU would raise their members concerns and seek to meet with the Vice Chancellor. The CPSU wrote the following letter to  Vice Chancellor Peter Lee.

University Funding Situation- CPSU Member Feedback Letter

With Enterprise Bargaining about to commence at the University the CPSU is concerned that SCU staff pay and conditions will be initially targeted by the University in order to cut costs rather than looking at where the money is really flying out the door.

Can you tell us where there has been inappropriate waste of SCU funds? Do you have any suggestions to save jobs at SCU?

Contact your CPSU Industrial Staff on 1300 772 679



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