Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Special Constables Advisory Group and Joint Consultative Committee – Call for agenda items

Special Constables Advisory Group and Joint Consultative Committee – Call for agenda items – October 2017 (PDF version)

Following the formation of a new Special Constables Advisory Group a few months ago, the first official meeting of the group will take place next Tuesday, 17 October at the PSA.

Delegates will sit down with PSA staff, discuss issues across the Command, and develop strategies for progressing these issues.

The meeting of the Special Constables Advisory Group will take place every three months.

Your delegates have also worked with management to establish a Joint Consultative Committee (JCC).

The inaugural meeting of the Joint Consultative Committee will be held the following day, on Wednesday 18 October at the Sydney Police Centre.

The meeting will be attended by your delegates, PSA staff, and Special Constables Management.

The purpose of a JCC is to establish a regular forum for issues and concerns across the Command to be raised with management and addressed collaboratively.

This Joint Consultative Committee meeting with Management will also take place every three months – the day after the meeting of the Special Constables Advisory Group.

We ask members to forward us any matters they would like to have discussed in either of these forums by COB Monday, 16 October.

Agenda items can be raised anonymously if preferred and anything raised can be treated with strict confidentiality.

Please forward any agenda items to one of your Advisory Group delegates, and copy PSA Organiser Roland Harris (

  • Dannie Abel
  • Tony Saraceno
  • Glenn Smith
  • Mark Tucker
  • Alex Muirhead

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