State Owned Corps (Water NSW)

Water NSW members’ update

Apr 10, 2017

Water NSW members’ update – April 2017 (PDF version)

Friday 6 April the PSA (CPSU) Bargaining Team met with Water NSW representatives and the other unions, the AWU, Professionals Australia and the ASU. A small number of individual bargaining representatives also turned up.

This meeting was primarily procedural, and focused on establishing negotiations protocols, resources for the bargaining teams and initial expectations on how negotiations would proceed.

Water NSW reported it wanted to take an ‘interest-based bargaining’ approach to the negotiations. This is a new process the Fair Work Commission is promoting to help assist employers and unions in resolving difficult situations. It also requires all sides to keep an open mind and to be flexible in the outcomes they are looking for.

Read the full bulletin HERE.

Water NSW Bargaining update

Mar 31, 2017

Water NSW Bargaining update – 31 March 2017 (PDF Version)

Today’s update is prompted by the email yesterday from Water NSW CEO, Mr David Harris regarding the proposed new Unified Enterprise Agreement.

We are aware that Enterprise Bargaining is a new process for many of our PSA members and acknowledge the transfer from DPI Water to Water NSW, as well as SCA to Water NSW, was forced onto employees without them having a say in the matter. For these reasons we  will continue to send updates whenever we can to keep members informed.

The first negotiation meeting will be held on next F7 April where we will meet with Water NSW and the other bargaining representatives to set out the procedures and processes for the negotiations. In yesterday’s email, Water NSW set out for the first time the directions it intends to take in these negotiations. Your Bargaining Team’s initial response to the initial set of Claims is below.

Read the full bulletin HERE.

Water NSW member update

Mar 23, 2017

Water NSW member update – March 2017 (PDF version)

PSA (CPSU) members would have received an update yesterday from Daniel Lucas regarding the start of negotiations for the next enterprise agreement.

It’s a bit late!

Last year Water NSW promised to start bargaining in February 2017. Now they will start two months late. Drafting one instrument to replace the three main instruments, plus a new Flexible Working Hours Agreement, is going to take much longer than the three months remains until 30 June 2017.

Members of the PSA (CPSU) do not need to do anything. You have your bargaining team all ready to go to commence negotiations. Your bargaining team will keep members updated after each meeting. All key decisions about what happens, and what is agreed to, will be made by PSA (CPSU) members.

Read the full bulletin HERE

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Current State Water Corporation Enterprise Agreement 2015

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Current Sydney Catchment Authority Award 2014 – 2015


Sydney Catchment Authority Consolidated Award 2015 – 2016


Current DPI Water NSW(Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2009


Current DPI Water Flexible Working Hours Agreement


Current Draft Joint Unions Log of Claims (to be confirmed by 26 April)



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