Stop the Power Sell Off

Campaign billboard -James Ruse Drive.

Campaign billboard -James Ruse Drive.

What the sell off will mean for you:

Higher electricity prices

Selling public assets results in higher prices. Big business is focused on only looking after their shareholders and not NSW families.

A less reliable network with more blackouts

Privatisation of the electricity network in Victoria saw a 32% increase in the number of blackouts between 1995-1999.

Reduced public safety

The victorian Bushfire Royal commission found that the privatised electricity network was one of the main causes of the 2009 bushfires where several people lost their lives. Don’t let this happen in NSW.

Less money for local community organisations

in 2009-2010 the NSW state-owned power companies provided almost $10 million in sponsorship to local charities, festivals and community organistations including vital services like the Westpac Rescue helicopter. That funding will be put at risk.

Massive job losses especially in rural And regional areas

This will hurt the community and have a negative impact throughout the local economy, particularly youth unemployment.

Visit to email your MP and your local newspaper.

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