Monday, 6 February 2017

The largest privatisation in NSW history … are you next?

The largest privatisation in NSW history are you next – 6 February 2017 (PDF Version)

Do you have three minutes for Public Disability Services?

Help us say NO to the privatisation of disability services and say YES to employee rights by asking colleagues, family and friends to write to their MP through our campaign website.

To support disability workers and help our campaign, click HERE.

PSA takes action against disability privatisation

In 2013, the NSW Government passed legislation which allowed for the forced transfer of public servants working in Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) to a private employer.

Under the guise of implementing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the Government intends to have ADHC fully privatised by 2018; the largest ever sell-off and-sell out of government services in this state.

Your colleagues under attack – PSA fights on for members

The PSA is working with delegates in ADHC to combat the unfair and unjust transfer package, and almost useless protections unilaterally forced upon our members. We must continue to fight for the protection of jobs, pay, conditions and a government safety net for people with disability.

We believe the privatisation of all government disability services will reduce the quality and availability of care and lead to increases in cost for people in supported accommodation. It is imperative the Government remains a provider of disability services to ensure no-one is left without the care they need.

That’s why PSA members working in disability are striking on 14 February 2017 and asking the new Premier to show some courage, have a heart and save our disability services.

Support your public sector colleagues

We are holding a rally at Parliament House on Valentine’s Day and meetings across the state. Come along and support your public sector colleagues and stand up for people with disabilities.

Download rally and meeting flyers HERE.

The NSW Government has not yet agreed to an employee protection package which offers staff the right to choose between staying with the public service, transferring to a private provider or taking a redundancy.

In fact, as things currently stand, a public servant could be transferred to a private provider under inferior conditions without their consent.

Don’t stand by and let this happen to others, as it will come for you. Make sure you’re on Macquarie Street on Valentine’s Day to #keepitpublic

Know someone who isn’t a member?

The Government will not stop at disability workers, they will come for you! A strong union means better outcomes for all members; encourage your workmates to join the PSA today.