Mar 19, 2013

UNE Bargaining Report 4

The next professional staff enterprise bargaining meeting will be held this Thursday 21 March.

At our last meeting the University provided the CPSU with some of the information we have asked for. (read more)

What does this information tell us?

There are 1,163 professional staff employed at UNE.

  • 47% are permanent
  • 9% are fixed term
  • 44% are casual

It is encouraging that 47% of professional staff are permanent, but of concern that 44% are casual and that 87% of casuals are female.

42% of professional staff are over 45 years old; lending support to our claim for measures to retain the skills and knowledge of mature age workers. (read more)

What else happened at bargaining?

The CPSU has tried to push bargaining forward by proposing that the unions and University identify the matters in the current Agreement can be “rolled over” or maintained and what areas are subject to significant claims.

The logic behind this is to allow the parties to focus our energies on the key outstanding issues.

What are the key outstanding issues for the CPSU?

The CPSU has a detailed set of claims. (read more)

Not all of these claims are contentious and some of our key claims have already been agreed to by the University, for example renaming general staff as professional staff.

However there are some claims the University will not readily agree to, for example claims that are not cost neutral. The University has tabled indicative costings on four of our claims (read more). We are currently verifying the accuracy of these figures.

Many of our claims are important for recognising and rewarding professional staff as the backbone of the University and are cost neutral or have minimal cost impact.

These claims include better consultation arrangements, improved processes for fixed term employees, enhanced flexible and family working arrangements, removing the right to suspend professional staff without pay, and better career development provisions.

However the most significant claims made so farĀ are the claims made by the University to cut your annual leave, sick leave and personal leave. If the University succeeds in this attack it will be the most significant change to employment conditions at UNE for nearly a decade.

The University has not provided the CPSU with evidence to support this attack on your rights.

This is because there is no financial, legal or industrial justification to get rid of these BEST PRACTICE provisions.

You can read the University log of claims here (read more).

What do you think?

It’s what you think about bargaining that really matters.

So we have devised a short five minute survey that we are asking all UNE Professional Staff to take part in.

Complete the survey at

Please try and complete the survey before Thursday 28 March 2013.

Your answers will directly input into the decisions made by the CPSU Bargaining Team and help us ensure the CPSU remains responsive and accountable to our membership base.


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