Sep 10, 2013

UNE Bargaining Report 6


Date: Thursday 12 September 2013 @ 11 am
Where: The Oorala Theatre

The purpose of this meeting is to provide members with a continued update of enterprise bargaining and in particular to discuss the University’s sick leave claim.

More details will be provided at the meeting but below is a summary of the changes that have been agreed to:

In line with our claim to maintain all existing conditions of employment for professional staff, unless otherwise improved as a result of negotiations with the CPSU we have rolled over 36 clauses from the current Agreement.

In addition we have won:

our claim to rename “general staff” as “professional staff”
a performance development fund of $200,000 per year (up to $5,000 per person) for professional staff development
a stronger definition of merit selection
improvements to the way fixed term staff can convert to permanency
improvements to study leave
a Health and Safety Representative Allowance
improvements to the consultation clause
a secondment clause
extra paid leave for staff experiencing domestic violence

We have also convinced the University to maintain your existing annual leave and personal and family leave entitlements.

However the University has asked us to consider a new sick leave clause. Copies of the clause will be available to CPSU members for feedback.

The University also wants to change the existing unsatisfactory performance and misconduct clauses.

If you want to have your say, you must attend the meeting.

Attend the meeting and provide your negotiators with feedback.

If for some reason you are unable to attend please make sure you get your feedback to your CPSU Bargaining Team

Rowan Salomon 9220 0913
Ross Bennetts ext. 2754
Christian Girard ext. 2607
Amanda Lang ext. 5045


All Heads and Directors have been informed of this and all CPSU members will be allowed to attend on paid work time. Non-members are welcome to attend if they join the CPSU on the day.


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