Jun 9, 2017

Universities – Flexible work during Ramadan

Universities – Flexible work during Ramadan – June 2017 (PDF version)

Ramadan Kareem. CPSU NSW would like to remind all members observing Ramadan that employees of all NSW universities have access to leave entitlements and flexible work arrangements to observe days of religious significance.

Agreement conditions

Your agreements contain a provision of observance of essential religious or cultural obligations.

Australian Catholic University

Clause 3.10 Personal/Carer’s Leave; “for purposes including but not limited to… observance of religious/culturally significant days” of 20 days per completed year of service (15 days being cumulative).

Charles Sturt University

Clause 47, 10 days of Special Leave each year for:

Cultural or religious obligations of significance

Macquarie University

Clause 4.1.27-4.1.31

Religious, Cultural & Ceremonial Leave

4.1.29 Supervisors will assist Staff by approving an applicable form of leave (annual leave, flexible work arrangements, leave without pay, or other applicable leave) under this subclause for observance of holy days or attendance at essential religious, cultural or ceremonial duties associated with the Staff Member’s faith or culture.

4.1.30 Staff will provide appropriate documentation to their Supervisor.

4.1.31 Eligibility and entitlement

All Staff (excluding casuals) Leave may be granted, at the discretion of the Staff Member’s Supervisor, in line with the conditions outlined above.
Indigenous Staff

Up to 5 days paid leave and 10 days leave without pay per annum to fulfil ceremonial obligations

1 day paid leave per annum to participate in National Day celebrations

Southern Cross University

Clauses 179-183, Special Leave up to a maximum of 3 days per year for (Clause 179 (d)) “attend religious and other ceremonial events”.

Universities Admissions Centre

Clause 29, Family and Community Services Leave

“Up to three (3) days leave during each year of service, to accrue to a maximum of six (6) days, may be granted to employees to meet family and community services activities, responsibilities, and obligations including those relating to cultural, religious or ceremonial days of observance.”

University of New England

Clause 40 Family and Personal Leave, 10 days each year, for (in Clause 40.2) “religious, ceremonial and/or cultural reasons such as attendance or participation in particular religious, ceremonial or cultural activities. Activities may include: undertaking the observance of a religion followed by the employee, or where, an employee is a member of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander community, participating in the ceremonial and cultural life of that community”

University of Newcastle

Clause 60 Personal Leave, 25 days in a 12 month period for reasons including “(vii) attending significant cultural events or relevance to the staff member”.

University of Sydney

Clause 247 Special Leave, as per Policy for Cultural or religious reasons, noting that: normally only one day per year of cultural or religious leave may be taken as special leave.

University of Technology, Sydney

Clause 30.3 (h), up to 7 days personal leave “(h) to adhere to and celebrate cultural or religious days of observance”.

University of Wollongong

Family Leave, Clause 59, which includes 8 days of Family Leave for (Clause 59.2.3) Ceremonial or religious obligations. Clause 59.13 requires General Staff to “provide sufficient evidence to support the absence”.

UNSW Australia

41.0, Observation of holy days and essential religious or cultural duties

An employee of the University will be granted annual leave or long service leave (where the employee has an entitlement to annual leave or long service leave) or leave without pay or leave from accrued flexible working hours for the purpose of observing holy days or attend essential religious or cultural duties associated with a particular religious faith or culture.

Western Sydney University

Clause 35.3, up to 6 days’ personal leave and an additional 10 days of sick leave;

To meet family, cultural, religious or special needs in accordance with the NSW Premier’s List of Day of Religious Significance for Multicultural NSW.

All members of the CPSU in NSW are also members of the Public Service Association. The PSA is the associated body that manages and resources the CPSU in NSW.



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