Jan 15, 2013

University of New England Enterprise Bargaining Update #1

EB round 7 is off and running

Last Friday the CPSU, NTEU and UNE management held an initial meeting to discuss

enterprise bargaining resourcing and the University’s initial draft log of claims.


The University’s draft log has some nice aspirational claims:

• the University talks about attracting, retaining and rewarding staff. It also mentions

sustainability, growth and performance.

• the University wants to provide “increased employment opportunities in a variety of

areas in a diverse range of occupations for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff”.

• the University also supports the CPSU campaign to rename “General Staff” to

“Professional Staff” (see page two).

Your CPSU EB team is supportive of these claims. But we need to see the details.


The University has foreshadowed that it intends to attack your leave entitlements.

As the table below shows “same entitlements” will mean an absolute reduction in your

annual leave, in your sick leave and in your family and personal leave.

In an interesting display of political spin the University has put forward a claim to:

• “ ensure that general staff and ELC teachers have the same entitlements to annual

leave as academic staff”, and to

• “ensure that general staff and ELC teachers have the same entitlements to personal

leave (currently sick leave and family and personal leave) as academic staff”.


Annual Leave

5 weeks per year 4 weeks per year

Sick leave Uncapped paid sick leave

10 weeks sick leave/personal leave

per annum to a maximum accrual of

20 weeks

Family and personal leave 10 days per annum 10 days per annum that can be taken off sick leave

The CPSU fought hard to maintain and improve all general staff conditions in the last round of enterprise bargaining, including fighting the attack on your sick leave.

We also campaigned for the integrity of a separate general staff agreement because across the sector general staff agreements consistently deliver better outcomes for general staff.

We will not accept a reduction of your conditions.

The University also wants to increase the types and frequency of Fixed-Term Contracts and make “appropriate changes to the hours of work and roster clauses” to ensure more efficiency. This appears to be code for increasing the span and spread of hours, possibly to include weekend work and after hours work without having to pay overtime.

 The CPSU is opposed to any attack on your rights at work and your conditions of employment.

With your support we will campaign hard to defend and improve your conditions.


As a democratic union we ensure that our strategy is locally directed to achieve what members want and need. Our log of

claims will be only be developed and finalised with the direct input of CPSU members at UNE. We are doing this through a

number of means, most notably the holding of listenings.

If you’re not a member and would like to have your say, simply contact your CPSU delegate (details at side) and join the CPSU.


Are you part of the team workingto improve your workplace?

The CPSU stands up for your rights at work, and we have the proven track record of

achieving real and meaningful improvements for general/professional staff.

If you are not already a member why not join the CPSU and help us continue to achieve

better pay and conditions and ensure that general/professional staff are respected as the

backbone of the University.

If you are not a member contact your local CPSU delegate

or Rowan Salomon on 02 9220 0916





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