Dec 12, 2017

University of Newcastle enterprise bargaining update

University of Newcastle enterprise bargaining update – December 2017 (PDF version)

The eighth meeting of the Enterprise Bargaining teams was held on 6 December 2017, the last for the year. So far we have a score of 20 out of 73 clauses agreed in principle, most of which were uncontentious matters that simply needed to be checked for currency and accuracy, with the parties agreeing to roll them over into a new agreement. In 2018 we will return to the table in February to tackle some of the more contentious matters and continue to work towards a new agreement and associated pay outcomes.

Pay rises

Salaries are traditionally the last item for negotiation after all other claims have been dealt with and costed. We will be seeking a pay outcome that keeps you ahead of projected cost of living increases over the life of the agreement. CPSU NSW representatives will also continue to pursue the objectives you endorsed in your Log of Claims, many of which have little or no monetary cost but are important benefits for your working environment.

Employment relationship

These measures include greater security of employment and a clear suite of procedures to cover all aspects of the employment relationship. We will be proposing a comprehensive and easily accessible section of the agreement that will give guidance on related matters.


We want to review the processes for classification and reclassification to ensure your personal role in that process is not overlooked and you have an opportunity to make a case on your own behalf whether in PRD or otherwise.

Workplace health and safety

In the areas of health, safety and the environment a small investment can give large benefits. Part of that has to be the maintenance of flexible working arrangements to allow you to balance work and life. Realistic workloads and workflows are critical considerations in a context of constant organisational restructuring and adequate rest and recreation are an important element of this balance.

Union rights

We also want to improve the formal recognition of your delegates and their ability to represent you in any meeting with the university, and we want clearer access to promote the CPSU NSW to new staff during induction to ensure your colleagues are aware of the work the union does and encourage them to join with you.

Next meeting

Our next meeting on 7 February 2018 will deal with the university’s claims on Performance Conduct and Discipline, and our claims on Annual Leave. The EB representatives will meet fortnightly thereafter. The university is expected to provide a statement on its objectives for the clauses where it sees a need for major textual and procedural change and clearly we have some strenuous discussions coming next year before we can conclude the negotiation, but that is for next year.

For now we can count our achievements and reflect on what makes the CPSU NSW a strong voice for professional staff.

Become involved

Please take the time to read through your current agreement to identify opportunities for improvement and contact your bargaining representatives to discuss any concerns you have. We will be calling general meetings or conducting further surveys as necessary when the issues under discussion require further direction from you. At the end of the negotiation you will be asked to vote on the package and we want that to be an informed and deliberate vote by staff whose working lives are covered by the agreement. Ask your colleagues to stand with you by joining CPSU NSW today.

UoN Professional Staff representatives

CPSU NSW staff

A Happy Christmas and New Year to all.

Please note:

CPSU NSW members are also members of the Public Service Association of NSW. The PSA is the Associated Body for, and resources and manages, the CPSU NSW.


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