Feb 26, 2013

UWS EB Meeting 18 February 2013

The CPSU Bargaining Team met with UWS and NTEU representatives on 18 February 2013 to commence enterprise bargaining. This meeting was the first chance for your union representatives to meet the external solicitors from Maddocks law firm, who will be bargaining on behalf of the University. At the meeting, the parties discussed a number of protocols and matters regarding the procedures for bargaining, and determined an agreed schedule of meetings.

All parties presented their log of claims. The CPSU, of course, presented the log of claims circulated to, and endorsed by members last week. The University’s log of claims is now available on the University’s website www.uws.edu.au/enterprisebargaining. All members are urged to view the University’s log of claims and to draw it to the attention of their colleagues.  There are clearly a number of items that the University would like to introduce that will erode your current entitlements. Although the parties have not yet responded to each other’s log of claims, we will not allow any diminishing of your hard won conditions.

The next meeting is to be held on Wednesday 6 March to finalise protocols and procedural matters, including the order in which issues will appear on the rolling agenda for negotiation, with the first meeting for negotiations set for Wednesday 27 March. The meetings will continue fortnightly.

As always, the CPSU bargaining team, or your delegates welcome your feedback into the process especially the matters you believe should be prioritised for discussion.


Tanya Rubin for the Bargaining Team


Bargaining Team Members:

Kathy Kyle

Lorraine Fordham

Tanya Rubin

Dorothy Molyneux



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