May 16, 2014

UNSW Professional Staff Bargaining Update – May 2014

Technicians Beware!

The University tabled their draft Agreement with most of the proposed changes, and a clear indication of all their proposed changes. The PSA(CPSU) also tabled our proposed draft. You can find a copy of our draft HERE.

The most contentious issue being proposed by the University is regarding Technicians. Currently, Theatre Technicians “may be required to work a shift of up to 12 ordinary hours, provided that an average of 38 hours per week is worked over 2 weeks”. Theatre Technicians also have different shift loadings, with generally wider range of hours before shift loadings increase.

The University is proposing to replace “theatre technician with technician to broaden who these could apply to.

Are you a technician? Could you job be renamed to become some form of technician? Please let us know, as we want to show the University that they must strictly limit this proposal!

Technicians may be; Animal Technician; Laboratory Technician; Ocean Research Technician; Senior Technician (Various Faculties & Schools); Library Technician.

AV Technicians and Theatre Technicians are the targets here, and the PSA(CPSU) wants to hear from Audio Visual staff what they want. Some have been doing 12 hour shifts and are ok with it. Others may not be. Send us your feedback to

UNSW Proposals – Further Details

The rest of the proposals are generally minimal.

  • Changing FWA to FWC as the Fair Work Commission changed its name from Fair Work Australia
  • Updates to references to the last agreement being replaced – to the 2010 Agreement
  • Transitional casual loading rates removed – 25% now applies,the 23% and 24% are redundant
  • ADFA is now being called UNSW Canberra – references are being changed
  • Shift loadings are having internal references removed as they don’t actually exist – editing change
  • Minor edit to make clear that LWOP for for parental leave counts as service for Long Service Leave, and any LWOP less than 6 months will count as service of Long Service Leave.

The University is also proposing 4 other minor changes which they have not yet drafted. Excluding high income fixed term employees from “will not terminate during contract” term. This would not normally apply to high income, senior executives on contracts. Most are not covered by the Agreement and its unusual – but good for them to be included.

The other change is to bring into the Agreement the recognition of prior service for long service leave, which currently exists in a UNSW policy. The third issue is to incorporate an ADFA broadbanding issue which has been negotiated with delegates at ADFA. The fourth minor alteration is the provision for flight instructors to work a 38 hour week, which they are (apparently) already doing.



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