Mar 23, 2017

Water NSW member update

Water NSW member update – March 2017 (PDF version)

PSA (CPSU) members would have received an update yesterday from Daniel Lucas regarding the start of negotiations for the next enterprise agreement.

It’s a bit late!

Last year Water NSW promised to start bargaining in February 2017. Now they will start two months late. Drafting one instrument to replace the three main instruments, plus a new Flexible Working Hours Agreement, is going to take much longer than the three months remains until 30 June 2017.

Members of the PSA (CPSU) do not need to do anything. You have your bargaining team all ready to go to commence negotiations. Your bargaining team will keep members updated after each meeting. All key decisions about what happens, and what is agreed to, will be made by PSA (CPSU) members.

The biggest threat to your pay and conditions from now on is attempts by the employer to pitch bargaining representatives against other bargaining representatives. Remember, united we bargain, divided we beg.

This is why it’s important to be part of the PSA (CPSU) and to participate in the negotiations are part of the union. As long as we all stick together, and stay strong in our demands to protect the pay and conditions of all staff, we can achieve great outcomes.

Please see the video from the PSA Assistant General Secretary on how the union supports our members to collectively bargain for better pay and conditions HERE.

Members can provide feedback to the bargaining team by emailing All emails sent to this address will go to the whole bargaining team for consideration. Your PSA/CPSU Bargaining Team is:

Water NSW Delegates

Tim Budd (formerly State Water Corp)

Andrew Harrison (formerly State Water Corp)

Clare Purtle (formerly DPI Water)

Scott Butler (formerly DPI Water)

CPSU/PSA industrial staff

Blake Stephens – Industrial Manager

Cassie Giudice – Industrial Officer

Lisa Nelson – Senior Organiser

In addition to the regular updates, the PSA/CPSU will also hold members’ meetings, run surveys and undertake local workplace visits to engage with members and provide members with the avenue to contribute and provide feedback.

This way, union members get to directly influence the pay and conditions in your Enterprise Agreement, both during and after the negotiations.

Be part of the PSA/CPSU membership to ensure that your voice is heard during and after the negotiations JOIN the PSA/CPSU and – send feedback to

Please ask every colleague to JOIN the PSA/CPSU make sure you forward this to your colleagues in your work area.


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