Oct 25, 2017

Western Sydney University – Shared Services Project posters

Western Sydney University – Shared Services Project posters – October 2017 (PDF version)

Dear WSU CPSU NSW members,

With the continuation of the Shared Services Project, it is vital staff join the CPSU NSW, the professional staff union. Your union wants to ensure all staff are treated fairly and appropriately throughout the process. To help staff understand they do not have to undergo this process alone, your union, in conjunction with your local branch, has put together the following posters.

Please feel free to share these with your non-union colleagues and to place them on public noticeboards or in lunch rooms. To ensure professional staff are treated fairly throughout this ongoing process, it is vital they join their union.

The two posters can be found HERE and HERE.

Chris Bird

Public Service Association of NSW
Community and Public Sector Union –
SPSF Group – NSW Branch

NSW Aboriginal Land Council,
Department of Education, University of New South Wales, Western Sydney University

Phone: 1300 772 679
Website: www.psa.asn.au



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