Jan 12, 2018

Working with House with No Steps

Working with House with No Steps – January 2018 (PDF version)

Assistant General Secretary, Troy Wright and Kris Cruden, Manager of the FACS and Health Team of the PSA met with senior management of House with No Steps just before Christmas.

The meeting was very cordial and the CPSU NSW/PSA coverage was not disputed.

House with No Steps (HwNS) has agreed to set up quarterly Joint Consultative Committee meetings to enable delegates and staff of the CPSU NSW to meet with HwNS management to discuss issues that affect our members. In addition, should consultation be necessary on other, more urgent issues, extra meetings or working parties will be established to deal with these matters.

HwNS has provided us with a list of the regional GMs and HR people and advised the union can deal with matters at the local level with these people or escalate them to head office should that be necessary.

It also stated it was committed to continuing to provide the good quality of service to clients the public service had been providing.

One of the issues our members have been raising and the HwNS is concerned about is the number of casual staff. To that end we will be meeting with HwNS in the next couple of days to discuss this issue.

We will keep members up to date and remember you may have changed employer but the PSA/CPSU NSW is still you union.

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